The weekend of my dreams

© Gaja

Anyone with children, and especially those who have tried to stay at home with them, knows that even though you love the little ....., sometimes you've got to get some time off. Some time alone to rest your ears, to do what ever you want, sleep as long as you want, recharge your batteries, and get back in balance.

© Gaja

That is what I did a couple of weeks ago. Just me and my camera, a white sheet and a house full of old stuff. The result: 12 hours uninterupted sleep, and several hundred photos. Some of them have been uploaded, but there is a lot more left to process and upload. But that will have to wait for a rainy day.

© Gaja
© Gaja

Photo credits: Gaja.

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Nice shots!!! Good luck with em!


I completely understand about the time off/recharge thing. My two have been down with the flu and a tummy bug all week, so I've been snatching extra sleep here and there so I don't get too run down and get sick too! School holidays have just started and my husband has two weeks off yiphee! I'm looking forward to some camera time :0)


nIce isolated images, good luck with them!


Thank you! I had a lovely time, wish I could do it more often.


I like your photos on white! And I'm sure you had a great time!

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