Weekend Shots

My Saturday was really, really productive. It has been quite some weeks, I've did my last shooting. So, it was time again to build up my light tend, bring on the light and produce some new stuff. I had the whole Saturday for shooting -- except the time, I was around buying decorations, like bags, coffee, flowers and stuff.

I have shot ~ 450 pictures and choose 30 for finally retouch/edit and publishing. From those 30, 9 have already been processed and 8 of them got approved at dreamstime -- 1 was rejected due to "too many shoots ...".

I feel, this is quite good rate. Lets see, how the customers like those new ones and how many of the upcoming will be approved. ;-)

The next batch of photos will be uploaded tonight ...

So, long and good light ...

Photo credits: Alexander Zschach.

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Very Good actually...
My record was last March when I uploaded 17 files at a time & all of them were accepted! I went crazy :))


WOW!! That is a pretty good acceptance ratio - I am usually doing pretty well if I get half accepted! :) Congratulations!!!

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