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Weekend with theree great photographers, Bobby Lane, Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally

This weekend was a great one, (oh yeah in this part of the world weekend is Friday & Saturday), had an opportunity to meet three of the best photographer, there were many other but most of the classes were on the same schedule, so I choose attend these three great ones. Hats of to Bobby Lane, she was the best, here lecture was indeed the best one.

Bobbi Lane, Portraits & Studio Lighting Expert

Chase Jarvis - Life and Commercial Photographer

Joe McNally - World-renowned photojournalist and Lighting Expert

Three were great in their own field, what an inspiration and learning opportunity. I got loads of information of studio lighting as this will be my next investment to set up a small photo studio. One full day was spent with these great experts and another opportunity to meet fellow photographers from Dubai. I never expected to see thousands of photographers from Dubai, and I was promoting Dreamstime as many are not aware that they could sell their hobby and make money, I wish my site was ready I would have got lot of referral commission :-)

I have taken all the notes from these one day class and another one I attended a week ago for exclusive lighting, if time permits I will highlight all those tips and tricks in my next blog. Most of them are featured in the respective website of these great photographers.

The most interesting and value for money class was Bobby Lane, she is an amazing women and an easy go attitude and very friendly, the lecture and tips she passed on will be very useful for a long run. All in all, DT pushed me this far in the field of Photography, Thanks DT for bring back my Hobby.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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April 20, 2009


Awsome I would love that opportunity :-)

April 09, 2009


Thanks for sharing. What makes these experts different from each other? Care to share?

April 06, 2009


Wow! Lucky you! But how did Chase Jarvis get a photo of my car, with my bike on it, and who are the guys in it??? :-)

April 04, 2009


I thought that you had certainly many harvests! Great!

April 04, 2009


What a wonderful oppertunity, must have been amazing, thanks for sharing the information.

April 04, 2009


I can't wait for your upcoming blogs for the juicy details! Thanks for sharing and being so professional.

April 04, 2009


yeah Maigi, very interesting indeed. the link is updated now for Joe McNally

April 04, 2009


Sounds like a very interesting weekend. :)) Thanks for sharing links to those great portfolios! That Chase Jarvis is amazing, is too little to say... Wonderful! Great, you had such an educative weekend. Have fun! :)
PS: McNally's link doesn't work...

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