weekly upload quotum - thank you Dreamstime!

I just noticed that our upload quotum has TEMPORARILY changed from x images a day to 7 times x a week. The number of submissions stays the same but it makes a big difference for the workflow!

I hope dreamstime won't change it back to the daily upload limit of x images a day!

I bet all photographers here must have experienced the problem with the daily upload quotum: once you're done with the shooting, you have to select the images you want to submit, give them a nice title and some keywords, upload them to dreamtime and before they show up in the unfinished files section it's too late or you have other obligations that makes it impossible to submit them that same day....and you've missed your x images upload quotum for that day!

The new weekly upload quotum gives us photographers more freedom to plan our uploading and that must result in a better workspread for the reviewers as well, so it works both sides:)

Thank you Dreamstime for this nice improvement!

By the way: a blog ain't a blog without some images so I like to show the latest additions to my collection

Photo credits: Studioportosabbia.

Your article must be written in English



Yes, I was also surprised and think it´s a good change for everybody.


great works!


I also like the change of the upload limit! ... Beautiful photos! ;)


That are good news! And your images are outstanding :)


It is beautiful photo!


i also noticed that and i like it very much. i have days when i have nothing to upload and days when i have too much:)


It`s a very good idea from DT for all the people : those who have the time to upload every day, and those who don`t have the time. So, leave it this way DT.
Great photos, by the way! :)


great photos!


I think it is a good idea for many, but I must admit I've never run into the limit - I upload a few a day...

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