weird apple!!

This apple is really weird! First time I saw a chinese word on an apple's skin. I bought a package of 4 apples from a supermarket, I just noticed on next day when I took out one apple from the fridge and I found this weird apple, but no word on the other 3 apples. The Chinese word "Yi" meaning "wish" in english and it always come with another 3 characters in front.

"Wan Shi Ru Yi" meaning "everything as one wishes".

I tried to go to the supermarket and search for other three words

but I cannot find any apples have word on it...

I know these apple must be imported from China. If you are from china you should have seen this kind of apple. right?

May I know how they do? what kind of technology they used?

Anyway, I will not miss this chance to take photo for this weird apple and add another 3 chinese words in front. Luckily it is now online..

Happy Chinese New Year and Wish you "Wan Shi Ru Yi"

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

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You are welcome:)my friend.
I think you are lucky,I hope you are happy during the new year!


Linqong, thanks for your explaination. I think I was very lucky since I can buy this weird apple. I think this was the only one in our market.. May be imported by accident


Comment by Maigi on January 18, 2009
LOL... and I thought it was photoshopped. :))
Thanks for posting this!

Maigi:)not photoshopped.

The TV programme of China had introduced this kind of fruit in the past.From growth period of the fruit to mature period, Peasants put some plastic with characters on them... Forms fully using the sunlight illumination.

This need very long time, therefore the cost is high, fruit's price is also expensive.

Maigi:) My english is not well,I did not know whether you did understand.

Best wishes


I´ve just had a thought for an assignment, Ripley´s Believe it or Not! Only weird stuff like that...


Í´ve never seen anything like that, if you were not saying, I would believe you´ve pasted it in Photoshop.
But, since Linqong said its normal in China, I wonder how they do it.
I dont think using a plastic meanwhile it grows is a possibility, more likely they stamp with ice, I would say, but lets wait for hers answer on that.


LOL... and I thought it was photoshopped. :))
Thanks for posting this!


I think it is not surprising:)
There are many such fruits in the supermarket of China,especially in the Chinese New Year period.


That is a very strange story, you mean, you bought the apple and then found it had the word on it???


Oh that is so strange... Did you really find it in the supermarket like that? That is so weird!

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