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Weird keyword ?!?!

This is my recent sale:

Buyer seached after

l l no l no l

Have you seen this keyword before?

Can anyone explain to me?


Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

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December 03, 2009


Maybe it's the same person who bought one of my images with the keyword: o o o o, I thought that was weird also, as my image does not come up with that either. But, a sale is a sale and I am grateful.

December 03, 2009


I tried to ask a search for that keyword ... and i find two pages with pictures, but your picture was not there. may glitch. But I congratulate you))) Good luck

December 02, 2009


Don't worry about "buyer searched after"... The point is "You sell it !" :)

December 02, 2009


I bet you it meant, ho! ho! ho! ;)
Most definitely, wooohooohoo on the sale!

December 02, 2009


strange indeed as when i did a search with the above keywords your image wasnt amongs the 32 images there were - strange indeed :) on the other hand a sale is def more than welcome

December 02, 2009


no I can't, funny one! :)

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