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Thank you for visiting!! It would be very much appreciated if leave your comment on my photos. Especially on those whose thumbnail attracts you to come in and eventually decide not to buy. That would definitely be very helpful for me to provide more photos of higher quality and meet your requirement.

Thanks a million!

Photo credits: Druglee.

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February 26, 2011


Thank you, guys. Thanks for your encouragement! I know it would be hard to make comment in photos, but instead of looking for comments on the entire photo, I'm looking forward to some comments like: well, it would be great if there's some space on the top right corner for me to put some words there. Or: I would buy it if the background color is white. Generally speaking, something in a buyer's perspective, pointing out a specific aspect that doesn't meet the requirement. Thank you!

February 26, 2011


You have a great portfolio so far. Keep uploading the good work!

February 26, 2011


Your portfolio is very good, just concentrate on uploading more and more of high quality pics.

February 26, 2011


It would be hard to leave comments in photos... I just think your images are great, and since you're new, upload as many images as you can and learn from rejections and sales....

February 26, 2011


Hi Antoinettew, thanks for your advice. Honestly, I created my account in April 2009, but my first photo was uploaded about one month ago since I didn't think my photos were good enough previous and was busy with somehting else. It is good to know that 1 sold with 7 photos online is not that bad. Now I'm working harder on it. Thank you!

February 26, 2011


I got the impression you where new here. I intended to answer: 7 photos on line and already 1 sold, that is good. But than I saw you came at DT in april 2009. If you like to sell you should upload photo's at least every week. I like the images: variety of subjects, colors, etc. So I say: get started, go out with your camera and upload. You soon will learn out of rejections and sales what is good for Stock and what is not. Good luck!

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