Welcome to Beijing

I have been living in Beijing for many years. Nowadays Beijing has great improvement in many ways. There are a lot of modern buildings in the city. China national stadium and swimming center are famous. I feel these two buildings are more beautiful at night.

At the same time Beijing is an ancient city with long history, where you can find old architecture and many interesting things.

I love my home and love the city of Beijing. Now the 2008 Olympic Games is coming. Beijing welcome friends from all over the world.

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November 02, 2008


Thank you so much for your kind words hanhanpeggy. I really appreciate it. I am currently in aussie, unfortunately. Such figurines are not easily found in aussie. I’m wondering if there is any way that I can get them. Why don’t you email me at nas_rule_86@yahoo.com, maybe we can work something out? Cheers!!

November 01, 2008


hey hanhanpeggy,

I saw your photo tagged:-

Coincidently I was looking for the exact same figurines. I tried e-bay but I couldn’t find any. Do you know where I can buy those? Wouldn’t even mind buying em from you actually, because I am quite desperate.

May 06, 2008


i want, but no money no time. :(

May 06, 2008


thanks,Sleiselei. :-)

May 06, 2008


very beautiful shots!

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Photo credits: Hanhanpeggy.