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I have never really given the idea of stock photography much thought, but over the years I've amassed a huge collection of photographs and finally decided to give stock a shot. I first looked at a few other stock photo sites before my mother recommended Dreamstime, saying it's her favorite and has the best photos.

So here I am. And I couldn't agree with her more.

But it's the community here that I enjoy so much. I haven't written a blog before, but I've read many, and the comments in response to those that post of their achievements are so kind and encouraging. I haven't generally been a part of any online communities, and even though I have thus far not been very vocal, I certainly feel a part of this community. I've been a contributor since March (I think that's right...) and I have just over 400 images online with around 40 sales and I really couldn't be happier with my progress. And I am encouraged everyday by what I read of others, so thanks, Dreamstime community for all your encouragement and kindness. I feel fortunate to be exclusive with such a site.

Photo credits: Erinpackardphotography.

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great pics, congratulations.


Fair enough. I considered exclusivity but decided that putting all of my eggs in one basket was too risky. For me, I am hoping to make a little extra income to support retirement years from now. Who knows where MS will be then, but building a strong port is important to me and holding accounts at multiple MS sites is equally as important. That's why I asked. If income is your goal, branching out is practical. If doing something new and satisfying trumps money, then to each his/her own. Best of luck to you.


Your comments, as I posted in this blog itself, are all so kind and I thank you for the remarks. To Adeliepenguin, I enjoyed seeing the places you have been too, your photos are wonderful. To Kelpfish, why I'm here, hmm, I guess it's to make money, but I haven't actually expected to make all that much. I really just wanted to do something with all these photos I have, and in the process I have begun looking at possible subjects in a more microstock oriented way. The whole experience has been fun for me, and a learning one at that. So perhaps, the reason I'm here is to learn, to do something new.


Why are you here? And I am asking in an honest tone. Are you into Microstock to make money?


I have enjoyed looking at your images, and seeing the places you have been. Very nice work!


You really have beautiful images. Good luck with the sales


Really, here it is not boring! Many authors impart experience with pleasure and are glad to offer helping hand always. Warm and friendly dialogue - here not rarity.


Great work! I really love DT


You have an amazing portfolio, you're right DT has a great community.


Mother's are always right. Welcome!


I love your photos.Good luck here and hope you have many sales. :)


You've added some kind words as well - keep up the good work!


Congratulations and good luck! :)


yes, I agree that sharing the DT community is one of the things we all enjoy!
Congrats for your success!




Hey your progress is very very good. Keep up your good work and you will see how pleased you will be :)


Congrats !


Nice images,congratulations and good luck!


Good luck on your journey !

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