Well....Over a year since my first Blog Post. Trying to make a change!

My very first blog was titled "28 photos and $10.00 Later" Posted April of 2011.

My Next Blog had a titled "I found one of my photos on the web!! And what a strange article!" posted just a week later.

Well it's 2013 now and just wanted to share with the community how I have come along. Although I do not have thousands of pictures uploaded and most of them are of outdoors/nature, in fact I am lucky to make a sale a week nowadays ...and I completely understand why that is......I only have 218 photos online, not exactly high selling subjects..and well my photography and creativity...I am sure need a lot of work!

....hence this blog...I took the community's advice, I thought about it and found the best model ever.......a free one......and although he may not be that good looking he was free.......he was me!!

I realize I need to change things up and this is my first attempt at it......they are not great or any better then what is already out there..but they were accepted and I hope they bring in a sale or two.

I pulled out my Alien Bees....my background and with the help of my wonderful wife got a few keepers to upload...( I will not even tell you how many shots we took for the 5 that were approved today!!)....I honestly thought they would be rejected.......but I had to try so I can learn....isn't it how that works??

I belong to a few stock agencies, but I must say DT is my favorite, I have really enjoyed being a part of the DT community...I can not wait to see what the future brings.

If you get a chance...please stop by my portfolio......would love your honest opinion about all my photos!

Thank you all and thanks for letting me babble a bit! :-) ..and my apologies for the sloppy blog post!

Photo credits: Todd Lipsky.

Your article must be written in English



Nice honest blog,thanks for the insight and good luck with the new direction.


Thanks Everyone.......I sure feel better after your comments...Thank you!


Wow, I love your shots. :-)


Take a look at this one....27673127

Todd, that is a beautiful shot. You were there at the perfect time to capture those sun rays coming down! Nice framing of the scene. Yeah, I'll definitely drop you a message in the near future and take you up on the offer to get out there shooting. Thanks!!

Have a great weekend!


amazing images, thanks for sharing.


Thank you Angela.........A great Model yourself you are!!! I am going to keep doing more, more more....I will have to get more creative however.......If I had red curly hair...watch out!!!

@ Mike2.......yes it would be great!.....I am in Largo just off Ulmerton road. Shoot me a message sometime......we can grab some coffee and go out shooting. There is a really nice spot at Ft DeSoto that has a super view of the skyway...I like to go out there before the sun pops up. Take a look at this one....27673127


You are an awesome model! Great expressions and character. More please : )


Your portfolio is great, you have amazing images.


Yeah, I'm a Tampa Bay local living in Clearwater right now. There's a lot to shoot in this area. It'd be nice to run into a fellow DT contributor once in a while. LisaFX lives in the Clearwater area too, and wow, she has a smoking hot portfolio that I'm sure she's making a nice living off of. It'd be cool if we could all get together for coffee sometime and discuss the stock scene.


Thanks Mike. Much appreciated. Perhaps I will see you around town, from the looks of your portfolio we must live around the same area.


Nice port Todd! But definitely a smart move to try some more conceptual photos, I believe it will bring in more sales for you. Best of luck with your new approach!

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