What is art?

This question may sound strange, but I really often ask myself - what is really art and what is not? I'll explain my doubts...

Experimenting, finding new ways to express yourself is good. But I think humanity's gone to far on that road. Now everything is called art. Even when someone gives a brush to animal (dog, dolphin, etc.) or puts seamless inkblots on the sheet of paper himself it is called art. Sometimes such seamless inkblot-like pictures sell for millions of dollars, why?

One might say that only pictures made in perfect technique are art, but is that so? Child pictures are not perfect at all, but so charming and emotional they are. And some specific pictures (like ones in medical books) are perfect technically but are they art?


How do you understand what the art is?

For me picture is artistic if on seeng it I've got only emotions first and question "How is it done?" only next if ever. Art must be emotional for me.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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I think that ART is a very big word....
in general each and every creation can be considered as art... especially with the "modern art" kicking in so strongly...
but, in my opinion, art is piece of work that makes you feel something when you look or hear it... whatever makes you feel, think or even just stare for a while... something that will follow you some time after you see or hear it....


very difficult .. Perhaps art is beautiful because it is not definable, parsonale and is different for each


Hi! Beautiful question! I'm illustrator and for me the art is something allows that me to dream. And when I hold in my hand a traditional pencil HB, or paint-brush or a simple colored pastel (gessetto) I feel myself happy.
Emotions, dreams are art for me.
I'm happy for living every moment my life with happiness and art.


For me art or something is artistic, when it has the art of speaking to the viewer, in other words as you say it brings about emotions and questions when someone looks at the image, art is therefore very personal and definable in many ways to the particular viewer.

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