So. What is an artist?

I realise this has been asked a million times before, but i was wondering. In my own case i cannot draw, paint or produce an image by any 'manual' means known to man (or woman). I do not say this for effect or to elicit protestations of 'oh, you're not that bad' or similar. I really am rubbish.

Lighthouse late evening

So can you imagine my delight when i discovered that i could create 'art' with a computer? I am finally able to produce something that appeals to me (i believe you should always create artistic work for yourself - never try to create something that you believe others may want/enjoy). So i wonder - am i an artist?

The point is: if someone who is clearly talented artistically and who has obvious technical abilities way above mine produces a picture that i do not like, their abilities count for nothing. The work may have taken weeks of blood, sweat and tears, but again if it does nothing for me ..... i must be true to myself. Yes, i can admire those abilities and effort, but if i don't like it - i don't like it. The old adage is true 'i know nothing about art but i know what i like' (the same arguement is true to some extent with photography vis a vis techically excellent snaps - does it always make a good photo?

Therefore, what is an artist? someone with clear abilities or someone who by whatever means produces 'art' that others agree is 'good' even though no technical merit may be obvious and indeed may be absent, as in my case, lol.

Photo credits: Amlyd.
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February 01, 2010

Hi twocans, I note your message just now - and you have a valid point. I will endeavour to re-submit (tho getting past these reviewers can be troublesome, lol). Thx


January 29, 2010

Hi yea,
Just a suggestion, the LIGHTHOUSE AND SEA (PANORAMIC) is a really nice photo, can I suggest you re submit the image where as the lighthouse is positioned totally to the left or right. I hope you not think me been rude requesting, just it would be good for a website but at present the lighthouse in center is a bit of a problem were i to want a companies name to one side of it etc.




March 12, 2008

This reminds me of my days in a fine arts school where the common question was similar... What is art? It is easier to answer who is art. Art is the guy down the hall from me. An artist (to me) is someone or something that creates something we can hear, feel, touch or see, that captures our imagination and creates an emotion. A chef can be an artist, so can an architect. An artist 'needs' to create.. is drawn to the tools they use to purge the imagery, music, songs, poetry from their minds.


March 10, 2008

Art doesn't have to be visual, it can appear in any forms that stimulate our senses, like music. Artist is person who can stimulate peoples senses or mind by expressing his emotions or ideas. It doesn't matter via which form he does it. Everyone is an artist. :)


March 10, 2008

What a great question! Really made me think. To me, an artist is someone who can take a thought or idea that he/she visualizes and reproduce that visual image from their thoughts onto a physical medium that others may share and appreciate. In your case, I think you do a wonderful job of achieving the transfer of some really great ideas to truly artistic images. Great backgrounds in your portfolio too. The one you posted is my favorite along with Newtons Cradle. Though you may think you have no artistic abilities, you do have "The eye of the artist"