What is the best Camera out there?

Searching for a great camera to take great professional looking photos, what camera do you recommend?

  • Yvettejz
  • San Jose, United States

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August 14, 2007

Eos 5d in combination with L lenses or MKIII with L lenses. But hey a Hasselblad or Leica with digital background will be welcome anytime.


August 06, 2007

I find that the best camera is the one in my hands.

The best used to be the Deardorff 5x7, which I used for years. Wouldn't touch 35mm. I used to love Nikon and had several of them. Then they changed their lens coupling and I moved to Canon. Best cameras ever. I loved them. I hated autofocus (or automatic anything) until I finally bought one for my employees at a newspaper I owned. I used it once in a while and came to love it. I thought digital was foolish until I got an EOS 20D. I've used it for about a year now, and I love it.

Mind you, I was never wrong about the best camera, but I sure was right a lot of different times! ;-)


August 05, 2007

Well there is no best camera. they all have limits or constrains of some sort (weight, volume, price, autonomy, flexibility, definition, speed, user interface...)

All depends on your needs and budget. Canon EOS 5d is really great but it is not necessarily the best for your needs.


August 05, 2007

I love my Canon EOS 5d - full frame, 13 megapixels, a dream to use.