What better?

Unless all I would ask a informatione from these cameras which can be found most professional, what's your opinion?

FUJIFILM S9600 9 mpx 10.7 zoom o.

Canon EOS 350D 8 mpx ISO1600

OLYMPUS SP570 10 mpx 20 zoom o.

CANON 350 D zoom EF-S 18-55 8 mpx

Nikon D40 6.1 mpx

thanks to all

Photo credits: Joel Calheiros.

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June 07, 2008


You better get a CAnon 5D full frame camera, it's another level device.....don't you think?? :-)

June 06, 2008


If a nikon d80 is too expensive for you, i would sugest a nikon D40x... it is better that d40 and it is about the same price

June 06, 2008


I'd suggest you consider the Nikon d80 too. I own a d70 and it's a great camera so I suppose the d80 is even better :) Wish I had enough money to upgrade!

June 06, 2008


NIKON and CANON are very good brand!

June 05, 2008


heya, i'm using a nikon D40 at the moment, i love it, but i have not had the experience to try out the others that you have listed there. The D40 is working for me tho!

June 05, 2008


IMHO, the best and "professional" cameras of this bunch are the Eos 350 D and the Nikon D40.... because the're D SLRs! :-))... but I personally do not like them so much... I suggest you to consider two cameras, the Canon Eos 450 D (far, far better than the 350 D and only slightly more expensive), and the almighty Nikon D80, that is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day and that is a GREAT dslr... for me, greater than the D40.

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