What a boring live

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I have to now be at my home for at least three weeks, as workers men are doing my bathroom. What to do for whole day long?

Of course there are some moments that they need me, my advice, and project concept in some difficult things in bathroom but most of the time I am free and have to sit at home. Weather is warm and sunny, my dog is demanding from me a longer walk then fifteen minutes in early morning and I must sit at home and made my self useful somehow, so I prepare coffee for workers, clean everything in house (sometimes even twice), look on Dreamstime site, shot some photos in home, write this words.

Three weeks and I will have my bathroom and I will be free. I try to spend this time on some photography studies in my home with help from you and internet. I want to create this light tent from a cardboard box as I read it from Pardeep Singh blog. Have to have something to do in my live or I get crazy.

Photo credits: Redbaron, Studio Dream.

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April 03, 2008


No chance for model released from my workers, they are appreciating their privacy, but I will take shots from bathroom stage in several times. I will spare this time on work on my photographic skills.

April 03, 2008


I would take photos of the workers as they work on the bathroom, get them to sign a moddle release and upload!

April 03, 2008


Hopefully you'll have time to learn a lot! I love just sitting at the kitchen table and watching the butterflies and other insects, listening to the birds too. Or stalking the morning light that comes through the curtains, creating patterns and tempting me to make even more useless shots of lace curtains. Relax as best you can (your house is already clean!) and play with your camera and software.

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