What a buyer wants!

Everyday I ask myself: what do really buyers want from an image?

I'm trying to improve myself on photography and I try to focus on a part of the problem, so just now I'm focusing on COPY SPACE.

I like copy space, is something that can breathe an image..I've read the article of Ellen on incomplete image here and is really stunning..

And I'm trying to create images like this playing with camera

for something like a background or a poster or so on and, trying to found a theme on my illustration, this kind of images

And probably is a quite right way..cause I've sold 2 of them in a while!;)

I'll love to have comments from buyers, it will be really usefull for all of us.

so sorry for terrible english and grammar error..forgive me ,please..:(

Photo credits: Dabobabo.

Your article must be written in English

September 24, 2007


;D Thanks...

September 22, 2007


No worries about your English! You get your point across and your heart is in the right place....good luck.

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