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What a difference!

Hi there...I am a brand new Dreamstime member and it looks as if I have quite a bit to learn!

It was interesting to see that the photos that are most liked by friends, family and Flickr members are the ones that are no good for stock photography and the photographs that I thought were not quite right are accepted on Dreamstime. I have learnt quite a bit from other Flickr members but I think I have a lot further to go before becoming a successful stock photographer! Flickr members are perhaps a bit too kind with their words!

Reading a blog by another member, Charles Outcalt _ Flickr or not to Flickr _ made me think about the difference between my normal aims in taking shots and those that I will have to think about if I ever want success in stock photography. Stock images not only have to be technically good and clear they also have to be ones that can be used for selling or illustrating or complementing text. Where as before I have always taken my shots to please my own eye and have aimed to create a picturesque image that I think looks nice/interesting to others; now I need to learn to think about what images can be used for and what is the best way to take a shot to maximise their usefulness. Thinking about what subjects/objects will sell and what composition would appeal to an illustrator or designer is something completely new to me and I think it will be an interesting challenge.

Anyway, so far I have had two accepted images out of 4 so I am quite excited about uploading more and learning about stock photography further. Not sure if I have what it takes but i'll keep trying! - My first accepted image!

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January 29, 2008


Thanks Willyvend, very kind of you. I have had a few approved now so I will see how it goes! :)

January 29, 2008


Welcome on board Charlotte. Very nice shots. Be patient...

January 26, 2008


Thanks guys!

January 25, 2008


Thanks Seesea - still hoping that I get a few more than 2 accepted!

January 25, 2008


Congrats! I love those two photos!

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