What a disastrous day!

Those of us contributors, specially the ones who are specialised in wildlife photography, know what it means to have a really bad day.

Two weeks ago I had decided to spend a visit to the Llobregat Nature Park very near to Barcelona International Airport of El Prat. I had forgotten about opening times and when I arrived there (after getting stuck in the typical traffic jam of the south belt of Barcelona during one and a half hour) the main gate was closed! sorry, Mondays except on holidays we are closed..

After two days I went back, the gate was open, the weather was fine, not too many people around.. and yes, those were the only positive conditions of that day because the most important part, that is the birds, were not there!

Because of mysterious, unknown reasons the feathered guys had disappeared and during the next three or four hours I tried desperately in vain to get anything Dreamstime-Profitable in front of my camera.

Yes, there were quite some migrant rare duck species around but too far, too boring, too..

Well, to make it short, after a half a day spend there I hardly managed to profit three of the many rubbish-pics I brought home. Down they are..

That's also wildlife photography!

Horses at a lagoon

Green woodpecker on dead Palm Tree

A couple of Common Pochards

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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I'm sure each of these wonderful shots will find its buyer, because they're all really great without exception!!!




Very nice and beautiful!


Very nice photos in your portfolio. Good luck for taking TOP ONE! :-)


A common feeling. I used to enjoy wildlife, nature and insect macro photography as they are. Some days I get lots of photos, some I get a few. When I started putting photos for sale at DT, things change and there is always this mandate to shot enough to sell.


Nonetheless you did get three photographs to add to your very impressive portfolio!!


Nevertheless you made nice photos! Congratulations!


Thanks very much for your positive and encouraging comment!


The point is...U still made a disappointing moment into a great one! Way to turn things around with your positive attitude! U may have not gotten want U wanted, expected or wanted to achieve. However, U may have made another wild horse lover's dream come true by wanting to purchase that horse photo from you. Not many people have the chance to encounter or experience a moment with true wild horses, just domesticated one's. So if U haven't posted it, please do!

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