What Do Buyers Want?

DT thanks. Man, I had a "that's IT" moment this morning. It was like I got it. Let me explain .... What type of images do people buy? Everything! Anything? Yes ... I did a search on DT for images I had already shoot in the past and guess what ... 99.9% were micro stocked on DT. What does that mean? I have been doing photography as a hobby, business and now micro stock for a few decades, so I have captured a ton of images. Most of my old captures would not be accepted by DT standards. A good thing to know that they are only interested in improving my image making, not to satisfy my ego. Now my point is this ... even though people buy everything and anything, people are still picky about what they buy. Given all the choices on DT for them to chose from (sometimes a few 1000's), your images must be executed faultlessly. The bottom line is to take your time to study your subject ... we get in the moment take a few images and forget our other options: close up, wide angle, DOF, etc. Sure take the first capture that made you feel good (it might just be the best capture, mines usually winds up being the last capture)... step away for a moment to review the captured images, look again at the subject and this time think creatively, think micro stock and think $ ... now go for it. You should walk away with a ton of images instead of a few. If you are serious about being a professional then take the time to work like a pro.

I'm off to London & Africa and will try keep this "that's IT" moment alive.

Live as though it were your last day on earth. Some day you will be right!

© Aughty
© Aughty
© Aughty

Photo credits: Aughty Venable.

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Very good point!!!! Thank you for writing this useful article!


Have a great trip, there will be loads to photograph on both your destinations so I think you may be needing all the storage space you mentioned.


Thanks, I will try to stick fun in my itinerary somewhere. Believe it or not, I travel lighter now because the equipment is lighter and better. No more fixed lenses now, zooms are just as good. My tripod is my heaviest piece of equipment. And I take storage space for 10,000 to 20,000 images in my laptop. Welcome to the 21st century.


Great blog and wonderful images. Have fun on your trip!


Well said and true. I too got a boost to hobby with harsh criticism from DT editors. Even so, the number of shots in every possible category and with every possible keyword is amazing.
Good luck with your quest for the IT:)

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