What do we do when we don't have pictures to upload

Every photographer reaches a dry patch at some point.

Lack of inspiration, or a too busy period in his/her life, falling in love, falling out of love, camera broke, not enough light, there are a million reasons a photographer such as ourselves would like to take a break from photography. Even the nicest hobby in the world can be a pester some times.

So what do we do when we don't shoot and upload.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. browse the most successful contributors and images, inspiration can pop out of nowhere

2. look through your own online images and rekeyword, retitle, redescribe, increase your chances at new earnings

3. enjoy a good book (photography book, that is)

4. go to an art museum, or look through a paintings album, masters of light were born before Daguerre (if you have no idea what I am talking about do number 3)

5. write, writing stimulates your imagination

6. go out, change the scenery, get your camera with you, but not in the purpose of taking a photo. However, the photo can be waiting for you right there.

7. go see a movie, they are full of wonderful photographs, just imagine a freeze picture on your favorite frame

8. buy a glossy magazine, no need to read it, again, just look at the pictures and be inspired

9. order your favorite piece of historical clothing and stage a medieval photo shoot, it's guaranteed to be fun (I like Japan and its culture, my favorite historical piece of clothing is the kimono)

10. spend time alone, discover parts of yourself you never knew you had.

Well, I can go on forever, these are just some ideas. Hope you enjoy them and add your own "what to do when I'm not shooting" ideas.

Photo credits: Sharpshot.

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12. take a vacation. travel to a place you have never been to. embrace a new world and meet new faces. take lots of new photos of course.


Thanks! I love read your blog...


thanks! very valuable advices.


thanks Ioana

they all sound good.I like #5 and 10.and like Halient said go back thru your old stuff.I have some raw photos I have not even prosessed.I will do that right now.We are packing (moving to Charleston in a few weeks) and I am tired.
Regards Debbie


11. Play a game. ;)


Thank you, Ioana, you're absolutely right! As for me - the best things that work to boost my inspiration are 4, 8 and 10. Important - to put ideas down straight away they come to my mind, otherwise I can forget them rather quickly :-)


Great article!


Good article for us a great inspiration is our grand children. When they go home maybe we can actualy see a movie or read some of these great blogs.


My friends... When you don't have nothing to uplad, just look around you to see how beautiful the world is!! I'm going out with my girlfriend today to take a walk, take my camera with me (of course)... who knows?? :)


I add pictures to my own site when I cannot upload them here.

ForestWander Free Pictures

It is always good to just do nothing a meditate, this is very hard for someone like me who constantly goes and goes.


Great piece Ioana. I have one thing to add. One time I set up a shoot at an abandoned house only to find out when the model arrived it had burned down. I no longer had a plan. Still, I scouted the ruins for good composition and came up with a different shoot. One shot made the Adobe Design Achievement Awards and I made the semi-finals in 2007. I have been invited to submit a short documentary and compete to have it shown in the Cannes Film Festival. Sometimes, getting out there and doing it will create ideas.


you can always look through your old stuff for things that you havent processed, If you shoot like I do you should have thousands of pics to work with


ha ha Love number 10 but don't want my mum to catch me !!


'What do you do when you don't have pictures to approve?'
We clean the database, reply to emails, write blogs, help people, think of new features. And other secret admin work :P


I have nothing to upload (COL Cry Out Loud ) ... Wait ...Littledesire, he is the admin ?


Nice blog, I wish my days 48 hours than usual 24, Why All might made just 24 hours. I really wish as for one month I didnt get time to take pictures, nor did I have time to upload pictures, Day Job, then my freelance work, then now cooking, as my wife is carrying and she allergic to kitchen. lot to do in little time.


Number 1 can be taken a little too literally!

My images:



may well have "inspired" these images:

letter box


Inspiration is one thing, but be careful not to over plagiarise!



Thanks for the blog - gave me some directions ... I'm now in period of having nothing to upload :(

It's nice DT has around 5000 Pending files - admins get closer to us - write blogs, forums. Good work!

What do you do when you don't have pictures to approve? :))


Great advice! I haven't tried #9 and it sounds like fun! #10 is intriguing.... Thanks!


I comply from 1-5. After that I can say: nice ideas. I am enlightened with no. 7. Never crossed my mind to watch movie that way. Excellent! Thanks for sharing, keep up the good writing.


Another nice blog, Ioana! My favorite is number 10 :-), but I love also number 3.

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