What do you do when you can't operate a camera?

I am recovering from an operation on my right shoulder and can't even operate a kettle let alone a camera! I am 1 week into an eight week stint in a sling and then another 10 months of physio to get me back to as normal as possible, although I should be able to get to grips with my cameras within the next 2 - 3 months.

It certainly makes you appreciate your health when you can't do the things you are used to doing in every day life. (I'll let you work those things out!)

I only just got started with microstock and found that Dreamstime were great and had a very promising start with 2 sales already.

Then came the call from the hospital with 4 days notice of my op, which totaly put the brakes on things!

I am filling my time reading online articles and posts on here. It's very interesting reading and I will probably get my post count through the ceiling in double quick time. I particularly like reading about those members who have gone exclusive as I think, once I get my quota up, that I would like to do the same as I have felt very comfortable here straightaway.

Are there any others here who are or have been in the same boat? What did you do with yourself while recovering?

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No doubt I will be completely insane by the end of all this and my future blogs will probably reflect that fact!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now I'll let you all get on with doing your things and catch up again soon.

All the best

Alan (Chunshine)

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Thanks Joe, I am still in recovery and have not been able to do any photography for 7 weeks now! Not sure when I will be able to get going again as I am still in a lot of pain and don't have much use of my right arm still.


Like has its ups and downs.
Hope you are up and about now.


I also wish you quick recovery! I know that such state may be disappointing, but on the other hand it's a good time for you to think of more ideas for shooting. Sometimes it's a good thing just to stop and to think. And you can record your ideas with your cell phone or dictaphone, and when you recover you'll have plenty ideas to work with)


Cheers Wildmac :o)


Since everyone else has already given you lots of good advice, I'll just wish you to get well soon :)


Hi Jenii, Yes I think I will review and also chuck out some of my images. I have over 21,000 on one HDD alone without even touching the DVD storage! I should be able to find one or two in there I think ;o) Thanks for the get well :o)


Hey what about reviewing your old photo files and find ones you can submit. I was without a camera for over a week and that's what I did. I found a few photos that I didn't think would qualify as stock when I first shot them, but I tried uploading them and there were a few that was approved.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Adelie, thanks for your sympathy and sound advice. Funnily enough I bought a point and shoot a day before my op as I thought it would be the case of not being able to manage my DSLR kit for a while. Just got to get over initial 2 weeks and couple of physio sessions and will give it a try and see what I can do with it :o)


You have my sympathy. I had a shoulder/back problem a few years back. It was horrible...I could not pick up a camera, or even a telephone. Driving and sitting at my desk at work and using a computer, were pure agony. Since I couldn't handle my DSLR, I ended up buying a very good, light weight, point and shoot camera. One I could hold in one hand, that shot RAW and gave me manual control on settings. (I used a fast shutter speed if I wasn't on a tripod.) I am not sure what you are using, but if you are using a DSLR you might consider working with a point and shoot. I also bought a mini tripod and put the camera on a self timer, when using the tripod. It was easier to manuver than a full tripod. I also found I could balance the little tripod against my chest, and use my body to stabilize, if it didn't hurt too much. Feel better. I hope you heal quickly.


Well done Dan, that's the spirit :o)

Hi Jon, many thanks forvyour good wishes :o)


hi!! wishing you a speedy recovery


Just been to the post off and got some brick wall background. Had to put a little weight on my bad ankle instead of the cane. Some strange looks from passersby but i still got my shots.
Chunshine -- do take care and maybe some shots will pop up that you can take.


Cheers Manni :o)


Wish you a fast recovery! I spend the most part of my life behind the computer! I'm not really proud of it but I have to! There is lot to read & learn or entertain... Good Luck :)


Hi Tan510, thanks for the advice. I'm not quite bedridden yet but not very mobile either. You are right though it does make you slow down and think more of what you are trying to achieve :o)


you still have one hand mobile? are you bedridden?
if not, perharps borrow a wheel chair and get someone to put your camera on a tripod. it will take you a lot of time to focus, etc.. but in your position , you have lots of time on your hands ;)
perharps even, being in a wheelchair and forced to do everything slowly, will give you a different perspective of photography,
and help you to slow down and be more choosey with your composition, shooting,etc..
it might open up a new insight in photography for you.

as i recall, some of the great works were done when the author, composer, etc.. were restricted due to health reasons.


Cheers Dan and my best wishes for recovery also


I'm hampered too with an ankle injury (3 bone spurs in left ankle). I can do some things but have trouble getting about. Get better soon.


Thanks Brad, I am compiling a list of ideas and also looking on here at images, categories and keywording. Also reading posts of what is searched for that have few returns, reckon by the end of all this I'll have enough to keep me going for a lifetime :o)


Thanks Aginger, I too have many raw files on my pc, but alas my left handed skills would mean it would take me all day just open a file let alone edit anything. Although it might not be a bad thing to have a go at and improve my left hand skills, I could then, once recovered, edit one image on the laptop and another on my pc, thus doubling my workflow :o)


If I'm stuck at a computer without a camera, I'll review keywords, etc. Maybe it is a good time to come up with a list of ideas for future shoots? Happy recovery!


wish the same as below, too. :)
Well, I have tons of raw photos on my pc, so in a similar situation I could hit keyboard with one finger and use PhotoShop all days :D


Hi Debbie, thanks for your kind wishes. It's not so much the pressing of the buttons as I have remotes etc. It's the whole process of setting up a shoot and moving about to get the different angles and lighting etc very awkward and painfull right now :o)


wishing you a speedy recovery.Would it be possible for some one else to put your camera on a tripod.Just an idea.

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