What do you like most about DREAMSTIME?

At first I had been working in a different agency then I just tried out Dreamstime and I found out a lot of big differences:

@ QUALITY CHECKING On my first uploads I had a lot of refused image. Dreamstime gained a lot of my respect after that. I really like it if someone gives comments and suggestions on my work, so I can improve it.

@ EASY UPLOAD I had a lot of trouble with my internet connection, when I read about that DT had an automated EXIF/IPTC data retrieval in their system I tried it and it really went easy and great. You don't have to type your image descriptions online. You can just do it offline then once uploaded it will automatically be populated.

@ SALES BOOSTS In just a few days after signing up the percentage rate of my sales really went up and the commission system here is really great.

In just a few days I made my images all exclusive to Dreamstime and now I am one of their many exclusive photographer.

I want to give a very big thanks and appreciation to Dreamstime and all the people who are involved here.

I know after a few more months and years I will still see more features of Dreamstime that I will like.

So how about you? What do you like most about Dreamstime? Pls post it here.

Photo credits: Rquindoyos.


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July 31, 2010


DT is my favorite agency!!! I worked as an exclusive contributor here more than one year and earned a macro lens. I love DT. hoho

July 24, 2010


My experience as an amateur photographer with DT has grown and matured a lot in just over a year and my portfolio is starting to get thick, on top of all this is easy to make friends or simply get in touch with hundreds of people from all over the world, many of which are real professionals or artists very creative!

July 17, 2010


About DT...I think is the best agency/company in this kind of photo stock. Like also the serious and honest feedback of people who works here(Dreamstime). Also little details like Stock rank (game).And the good features in management area. Thanks for your post!

July 16, 2010



July 13, 2010


DT doesn't stay stagnet like other sites. They're constantly changing for the better. Other sites might except what DT rejects but DT also excepts some of what other sites reject. But DT has the best rejection explanations. All in all there is very little to dislike about DT.

July 13, 2010


DT definitely seems to be a stock site for the masses. So many other sites maintain an elitist and downright snobbish aura. Although I haven't had any sales yet on DT, I do like it. I especially like the Rank photo game. That is an awesome learning tool. I hope they get a patent on it.

July 11, 2010


DT very COOL! i depend on it.

July 09, 2010


I like, no, love that DT is alive. It changes, it follows the trends, it listens both submitters and buyers, it explains its actions, it develops, it is innovative, is warm, is friendly, is witty, sometimes funny, tolerates submitters moods, remains professional, have a great team, and a great community. ♥

July 08, 2010


I like the fact that the admins and other contributors usually go out of their way to help you. When I started out it was Dreamstime that provided me with useful feedback on rejections, but more importantly on keywords used to buy images. This helped a lot to learn how buyers find my images and ultimately how to go forward with my portfolio of images... I haven't looked back since deciding to go exclusive here - go DT!

July 08, 2010


Photobug09 you don't give any price to your pictures! Check the pricing policy of DT (PS: The revenue might vary depend on the amount of credits bought)...
Read the faqs of getting started for more answers.

July 08, 2010


can anyone suggest me that what should i keep the price of my pictures ????i am just a beginner and have uploaded only 5 pics..plz help

July 08, 2010


Dreamstme is great! All it's easy :-)

July 08, 2010


I like working in my pajamas....and all the other reasons listed before my post.

July 08, 2010


I agree with your blog, Dt is easy to use and I have a lot of fun.Also it's a serious agency I had a lot of refusal at the beginning, before understanding what is a real stock oriented image!!!

July 08, 2010


We thank you all for your comments and we appreciate your positive feedback :). For those who wish to write reviews about Dreamstime, they can also be posted here and here.

July 08, 2010


I had a blog once about something similar, here: Best Feature at DT.

July 08, 2010


I really like it here! My favorite site out of all. When I've got a bit of a problem with a MR not uploading properly, I was offered help so fast! Wow! I know at other sites you have to wait endlessly, or the community is not that friendly and eager to help.
I really like the design too. And the Blogs ( even if I didn't wrote one, shame on me LOL )
And another important thing - the fact that Dreamstime is opened to creativity so much, accepting different photos, original, artistic, with so various themes, including spiritual, not only classic stock. In the long term this would work fantastically for Dreamstime, even if those images are not exclusive, because many other sites got a tendency to fear those pics and not accept them.

July 08, 2010


I agree, Dreamstime changed me to be a professional photographer. Easy to use, sale better, great friends here.

July 07, 2010


DT is awesome! One of my favorite agency!

July 07, 2010


Friendliness, no bickering on the website because they r well controlled, no pimping, non-relevant images in photo requests are removed ( once again because the forums are well controlled) Quick replies to queries, feel like part of the family, good sales, fare level system for successful images, I cant think of anything wrong with it and I hope they never never sell to another company and the people managing it never change :)

July 07, 2010


I had accounts in other microstock sites and some of them are big fishes in microstock industry. But I am so sorry for them that they were not able to give a worthy experience which I could even mention anywhere. I had many bitter experience and harassment starting from opening an account to selling images with those sites. Perhaps these experiences would force me to decide leaving the industry forever unless I met DT as one last resort. And it worked! And now I like it for so many reasons:

1. It's transparency. What I found in those other stock sites is that at some points their approach regarding exposure and selling is rather fishy and unexplainable. I even had some experience of selling an image and then deducting the price from my earning balance in one of those sites without any prior information. And when I inquired, I got a funny reply that the buyer used a fake credit card to buy it and so they did not get the payment. DT, as compared to them, is much veteran and prestigious as I feel. And that's why I trust these people more than any microstock site.

2. The support team is quite active in DT. Till date, whenever I was in trouble, they were there to show the right way. Even at times I wrote silly mails without understanding the procedures properly, and they even dealt with those mails with equal priority. And none of my mails till date, relevant or irrelevant, went unheard or unanswered so far as I remember.

3. It works like a family with all the members, both admin and others, having a known face, sharing ideas and suggestions. This generates a feeling of being with your own people, like you are not being cheated.

4. Technologically, as I have noticed, they always prefer to keep this site upgraded. Sometimes new addition of little new features, and sometimes changing existing ones for better use or selling are always going on.

5. Their uploading method is also worthy to be praised. Yes, the image approval system might be a bit slow at times, but then again one must keep in mind about the huge number of contributors they have. And this number increases everyday, every time whenever a new contributor joins.

I don't say that DT is above all limitations. In fact, nobody can be completely devoid of all imperfections. But they are far better than others as I have experienced. And there are reasons to be with them.

Recently I too have started making most of my images exclusive to DT. May be in near future I would become a exclusive contributor too.

July 07, 2010



July 07, 2010


"sales better than other sites. "

I agree that DT is upload friendly, easy to categorize and I'll even go as far as Serban participating in the forums is really helpful. But sales are pretty bad for me here. DT is #4 for me with the other big three always beating sales here. Sales here are very dissappointing with the vast # of uploads I continue to add to my port. I am growing at SS and IS, slightly at FT, not a bit here. This is not to paint a negative image of DT but rather that stagnant growth is frustrating and my motivation to upload here has led to uploading "when it's convenient for me" and not as soon as I can. This is because I am very confident that what I upload won't help my sales. I've said it before here, it is probably due to what I shoot, the huge collection here, buyer needs and the economy. Most of my downloads are 35 cents, 21 cents, etc, very few $1-$4 sales. I scratch my head and still upload but I don't get excited anymore when checking my sales stats here.

July 07, 2010


Everything! DT - one of a kind!

July 07, 2010


Yes, I also began with another stock agency apart of DT, images refused by the first were accepted by DT and even sold! The community is very nice, the support staff personal and the place easy to use and enjoyable, ah! and the t-shirts are great!

July 07, 2010


The logo (swirl). It reminds me of a type of sweet (candy) I used to eat when I was a kid.

July 07, 2010


All aspests of DT are great - the community, the fact that admin are not faceless and actually want to help contributors, ease of use of the site, sales.....I can't think of much I dislike!

July 07, 2010


All I have to say is Dreamstime is the number 1 community. DT rocks.

July 07, 2010


I also like everything. I don´t know where to start counting: The whole community is great, the website is user friendly, I like the way DT promotes our work, I love the exclusivity with DT, the support is also great .... and so on... :)

July 07, 2010


The Buyers!!! :0) But seriously, altogether the #1 site for stock...

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