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Pay attention to the waist warm, warm winter: low temperature and humidity is one of the leading causes of chronic low back pain, must pay attention to keep warm in winter, as the change in the weather add clothes.

Posture standing, sitting, and so on to correct: lumbar lordosis physiological deepened when standing and sitting position, increased lumbar joints and the intervertebral disc pressure, it can cause back pain after a long time. If can keep on both sides of the knee joint in turn mild QuQuWei stand process, can reduce the degree of lumbar lordosis, can reduce the occurrence of low back pain.

Should crouch when moving heavy objects: when the knee bend and bend your knees bend over, under which the pressure of the waist 40% less. Is the correct posture should be hip knee flexion, namely hole to lift heavy things. Because of the thigh and calf muscles involved in work, scattered forces can avoid damage of the waist, in addition with the heavier objects should move close to the body will move with the object and to keep the knee joint in mild QuQuWei. So it can reduce the load on the waist, avoid the occurrence of low back pain.

Photo credits: Hanbaoluan.

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