What do you think about most when taking a picture?

It amazes me everytime I line up a shot what a mental process it is. There is so much to think about...the light,framing of the photo,camera settings,the subject,foreground,background,the weather,attention span of your model(s)...and the list goes on. Now I am not saying that I don't ever point and shoot but I really enjoy putting my brain in gear for the challenging image.

Anyone else out there enjoy the brain/camera workout?

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January 07, 2008


Thanks for the reply Photojay. I agree about the seeing the light. I notice now the way light shines through peoples hair, illuminates the clouds and reacts with water. It is becoming a little more second nature and instinctive than mental, but not as much as I would like!

January 07, 2008


I agree with you, but what amazes me is how the longer I do this, the more all of those thoughts become second nature. I took a group of students out shooting and it was enlightening to see them struggle with the things that I see right away. It is almost like my eye sees the light how my camera would see it and, after wasting a whole photo session for having the WB set wrong or the ISO on the wrong setting, I am always mindful of my settings.

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