What do you use as a white background?

I heard several versions: just any white floor, paper, or a piece of textile. In any case, there are pros and cons. Some of them I use personally.

Floor: blinks can appear as a result of a lamp reflection. On the other hand, there will be no shadows caused by any creases.

Paper: Everything is brilliant about this case, except that not always sufficient brightness will be as paper absorbs a lot of light.

A piece of textile: It is bright enough but undesirable shadow and creases might appear when you place something heavy on it – of course if your base is not a solid one.

The indispensable condition is having a plain solid base in order an object not to come down and create needless creases. Even if they are invisible during taking a picture, you may find them later when processing the file with the image editing application.

What backgrounds do you use?

Photo credits: Awizard.

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Thank you! I found another light background recently - sunny window :) We have very hot days, so it's very bright outside, the light is almost white. So it's very convenient to use it as a background.


I have actually used the side of my fridge, a nice glossy white, but you do have to be careful about flash reflection. Be careful though, certain light from outside can also interfere.


Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience with each other! Hope my article reflected a bit of your vision of the problem.


I've used, cloth, white paper and white tarp, but the best I found? A window with any light colored curtain. I set my subject about 2 feet from the window, with a single continuous light source on the left side. I then meter off the darkest area of the subject, making the background window overexpose to a uniform white! only problem of course, is that this works during the day only. Otherwise, I use a large softbox and strobe as background...


I have used both paper and white clothe, both have given me excellent results.


Just white paper. Works like a charm.


I use a large, stiff piece of white paper.


poster board!


i use white paper


I use white background super white (special paper)


I always use white paper, once I tried with white textile but the result was awful. Never tried on white floor because mine is brown :)

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