What does it mean to be a photographer!

Not to long ago, I left my cushy job in the corporate world, not to say that it is there anymore anyway! With time in my hand to reminisce on what I could have & wanted to be, I realised that many many years ago, I have a love for photography, how I get stumble into it is another story altogether. I decided to pick myself up from the couch, dust my shoulder, throw away my compact point & shoot and purchased a SLR in pursuit of a "career" in stock photography.

Now! Three months into this adventure, 126 photos accepted by DT and 15 sales, what do I think it means to be a photographer?

Being a photographer is aiming to be artistically refine. To be able to see and capture beauty in everything on "film" or sensor that no one else was able to imagine. It is about living with a bohemian spirit that love, beauty & having a soul is the most important things in life. It is about feeling that what we do is important as we are leaving something tangible behind for the future generation to see. We are capturing images that may be lost forever. Being a photographer also means we are by nature a naturalist! We love our environment as it is after all our "canvas"!

You have to believe all the above! If you cannot, you will never be able to tolerate being always hungry trying to be an artist (photographer)! :)

I truly believe in the concept of being a "photographer" and love being one to bits! To the extend, my miserly grocery that is purchased with my USD0.35 sales revenue does not turn me off, in fact, it has constantly become my photo subject!!! :)

The egg is USD0.05 per piece, the carrot, USD0.10! See, I have USD0.15 balance!! Truly, artist are synonymous with being hungry...

© Gwoeii

© Gwoeii

© Gwoeii

Photo credits: Gwoeii.

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June 21, 2010


Wish you much success!

June 19, 2010


Thanks for sharing this story!

June 18, 2010


Thank you for all the kind words! I will strive to be a millionaire photographer! HAH!

June 18, 2010


Well done - like you, I left a corporate job for many reasons, one being I had no time to do anything else, see my friends or be with my family. Many years ago I used to work in photography, so I bought a new Digi SLR and have returned to my "roots". I do not regret it for a minute, although I've only just started to make regular sales, so do keep going and your profit will increase! Let the carrot be your motivation...

June 18, 2010


What you`ve done is great! I wouldn`t had that courage :)
Great job!
Good luck!

June 18, 2010


think it was an hard choose,but surely worth if you believe in! :)

June 18, 2010


Nice story, just keep on going !


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