What about Egypt?

I have been watching the last weeks the social movements that happen in Egypt and I was terrified! It`s a tragic situation and I think that no one wishes something like that to anyone!

Even thought I was only 6 years old back then I still remember the revolt that took place in 1989 in Romania. That revolt lead to the fall of the Communism in my country! There were some tragic events that killed over 1000 people that got out on the streets to scream for their freedom, and to bring down Ceausescu.

I hope that it will be a different situation in Egypt and the killings and fighting on the streets will stop. Every human being has it`s own right, first of all the right to leave free, as he wish, and not how some dictator tells him how to leave.

I hope for the best for the citizens that live in that great historical country that gave us ( to all the humanity) great things, unique places and wonderful minds!

I think that every human has a duty to say something, or, if they can, do something about such an abominable thing. Even one sentence could mean a lot for the people that fight for their liberty!

Egypts protests

Egypts protests

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February 12, 2011

Peace and Freedom to all Egyptians!


February 11, 2011

Yes! I have just sought the news! After the horrible speech that Mubarak hold last night I was afraid that he is gonna harm the people again. But now I`m happy for them, because they are free.
Let`s hope everything will be ok for that country from now on! :)


February 11, 2011

They are free now! I'm so happy for their freedom! :)


February 06, 2011

My heart goes with them! I wish justice and freedom...it´s good they fight for their right!


February 06, 2011

thanks for the insight. many times we learn the truth from word of mouth much better than history books which are by most instances anything but misleading . i think tunisia is also uner turmoil . i feel sad for the people. we wish all a closure for the people by the people.


February 06, 2011

I hope everything solves for the best of the egyptian people....


February 06, 2011

They just took the right decision! The decision that everyone should fight for! Justice & freedom... They will win the dictator I hope!


February 06, 2011

Egypt is a great country.
Who know the truth?


February 06, 2011

My heart is with them. Yes Egypt is great, and deserves the best.
Wish them freedom soon.