what "entry level" camera?

I was looking around and checking for a not too expensive camera but a good reflex one,so I found out some of those articles: a Canon 1000D,Canon 450D,Canon 500D (althoguh it's not a really "entry level"),Nikon D60,Nikon D90 even the Nikon D5000 (the new one)...so I read about the specifications of everyone of them but still not sure which one I should buy...so asking if someone has bought or tried one of them...thank you all!

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Just thought of something else I should mention about the 1000D. If you want to shoot sports or anything where you need to take fast sequences of shots then 1000D not for you. Only 1.5fps. Okay for landscapes, still life, etc but misses too much action. Definitely check the specs of all the cameras you are looking at to make sure they can cope with what you want to shoot. I like the sounds of the specs for the new 7D myself.


I also have Canon 450D. It is my first reflex camera, so I cannot compare it to anything, but I can say I'm quite satisfied with my choice.


My have a Canon 450D, excellent and not too heavy to bring around. Compared to the 50D I saved some serious cash that will be invested in additional lenses


agree with uouWildmac and sure Aginger,I'll take a look on that too


Pentax K-m? You should look into it...weather and dust proof, easy to use, light weight, built-in shake-reduction....


I have a Canon 1000D, it's all I could afford at the time. I used the extra $500 it would have cost me for the 500D to put towards my first "L" lens, the 70-200 f4 L. It meant that I could have some decent glass earlier instead of being stuck with just the kit lenses. I don't know anything about the Nikon range so I can't really comment on them. I've always understood that if you're on a tight budget you're better going for the cheaper body and spending the money on the good glass to start with and then get a better body later. JMO. Cheers :0)


thank you all for the advices,really appreciate


All the cameras you mention are very good, if I could have done so at the time I definately would have gone for the D90, but still happy with my D80.


I also have a Canon 400D (XTI). It produces good quality images. Nowadays a used one is very inexpensive. Also recently I've done a firmware hack to enable ISO3200 and spot metering on the camera:



if you go nikon and can afford a D90 do that if not go D80. I personally have a D60 and have a D300s that I use for work and keep kicking myself for getting the D60. Its not a bad camera but there is not a built in auto focus gear so you have to either buy the more expensive lenses with built in motors or do 100% manual focus on most lenses.


i have a 400d and love it .. :) get yourself some better lenses and you're good to go. (research on amazon or the like there are some great reviews that will help :)

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