What fish-eye do you use?

Hi, Friends!

I was searching today for something useful on auctions trying to spend my money from Moneybookers :)) And saw a lot of fisheye lenses with macro for Canon starting from 25$ up to 45. They were all with auto focus, but in my country this particular sort of cheap fish-eye is not available in normal shops. So there is no opportunity to try if they are worth using for microstock or not.

Here is the description I found:



Professional Fisheye and Macro lens.

Made in JAPAN

10 years warranty from the manufacturer

Lens is high quality crystal optics.

0.42x conversion factor

Thread Size: 46mm (We have adapters rings for any thread size)

Front Filter Size: 67mm

7 elements, 5 groups

Screw type in front of existing camera lens.

Utilizes camera auto focus system.

Infrared compatible day/night vision.

Lens bag included.

Lens covers are included.

Amazing angle up to 180

Drastic Improve in Autofocus.

Up to 6 times the angle of you standard camera lens.

If you use any fish-eye, please, let me know your opinion about the quality of pictures they produce. Especially I'm curious about these cheap ones. Why are they so cheap? According to the description they should be nice, but the price is suspiciously too attractive. And if you have some images made by your fish-eye uploaded on DT, could you, please, share the link to see? Thanks a lot!!!

Photo credits: Panagiotis Risvas, Peleg Elkalay.

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August 26, 2011


Sigma 10-20 and Sigma 8-16 are very good lens, but more expensive

August 26, 2011


I use a tokina 10-17 mm, considered one of the sharpest fish eye lenses out there. Unfortunately it's pricey, at 600$ or so. Images taken with it include  Large hotel room   Leaf fallen on grass in autumn 
I wouldn't spend my money on a cheap one. The image it will produce will be subpar, the glass can't be of good quality at that price, most likely you will be disappointed. Better save the money and wait till you have enough for a good quality lens.

August 24, 2011


The images created with the fish eye are very creative and interesting, my next lens would be the Sigma 12 24 mm, these ultra wide-angle lenses are very creative, congratulations for the pictures posted!

August 24, 2011


Instead of a fisheye I bought a Tamron AF 10-24 mm, I have taken great images with it, and it is very flexible. I have seen these lenses you talk about (with no brand name) that adapt to your main camera lens and they are terrible, for the price it may be a bargain but I have doubts about the quality.  Tourists at San Miguel de Allende 

August 24, 2011


I have a Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye - it's a fun lens but prone to a lot of colour fringing (not good for stock!). It gives you a 180ยบ view and if anything it's almost too much!

August 24, 2011


Great image, Brad! And thank you for mentioning the tread size. Now I'll pay more attention to it.

August 24, 2011


I have the pro-optic 8mm fisheye - but it is a full lens and about $250. It is manual focus and aperture - but those aren't a big deal for a fish-eye since you don't exactly need to move the focus ring much! I would guess that the cheap add on ones have a few issues - one is that the 46mm thread is too small for almost any EF lens, and the other is that you will probably get a lot of color fringing at the edges. Here is shot from my Pro-Optic:


Still, it might be fun to play with for the low price...

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