What is "FUNNY" and my Adventure of being a DreamsTime Reviewer

I want to tell everyone my adventure as a DreamsTime Reviewer, but first I want to talk about funny images. Periodically I will have a few extra credits and I will challenge Contributors in the REQUEST forum with different criteria; if the criteria is met then I will buy the image. It's all in fun and hopefully entertaining for some.

The last time I did this, the criteria was to upload a FUNNY image and it had to be a recent addition to the site. I was requested to post them in a blog, so here are the images:

© Noonie

The thing about humor though, is it's a personal thing to each of us as an individual to what we think is funny and what is not. But... "funny" is a unique human experience. Now... I would like to tell you about my experience as a Reviewer for DreamsTime.

It all started when I received a private message from one of the DT supervisors; he asked if I was interested in working for DT as a Reviewer because they were hiring. This surprised me greatly because virtually all my images are rejected. The only reason why I have a portfolio at all is because of the old saying: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

I asked about this; why would someone who is constantly submitting rejected images be hired by DT? The reply was that it takes a really bad photographer to know what a bad image looks like. Being able to recognize a bad image was a sought after skill for a Reviewer and DT figured me to be an expert.

Needless to say, I was flattered and I accepted the position.

But it's not that easy; first you have to go through a series of tests and then work through a period of probation. The first step was to take an eye test. At the doctor's office I was asked to look at a chart that was filled with the letter "E" of different sizes and they were facing all different ways. The doctor asked me to tell him which way each "E" was facing. However, considering I never made it past the second grade, I said "What's an E?"

The doctor smiled and said I had the potential to be a great Reviewer of microstock images.

Next I had to take a software test. I was asked what a gradient was and I said I already told them I never got past the second gradient. When asked to describe "HDR," I beamed a great big grin when I told them how great it was for recording sporting events off the cable TV. Layering is what you do in cold weather before going outside.

The staff all agreed I was indeed a natural so I was offered a position. I was ecstatic when I got the job! However, I first had to make it through the probation period.

What they do at DreamsTime is to send you a great big manual in the mail on steps and procedures on how to reject... um... I mean review an image. Fortunately it has lots of pictures so I looked at those since I couldn't read the letters. By now I did know what an "E" was so I was moving through the learning curve quickly.

Unfortunately, this is when things started to go downhill for me. You see, being a Reviewer is not that easy. I mean, it's really hard to keep your sanity. We're talking image after image after image of isolated tomatoes, pictures of clouds in the sky, people using cell phones, and so on.

Day after day the tedium began to wear on me. I was getting high praise from the DT managers because I was rejecting more images than any other Reviewer and I was just the new guy on the staff. They said I had "the gift." It got to where I was always the Employee of the Week EVERY WEEK because I was so good!

But I began to crack. All those pictures of tomatoes, clouds, etc., I just couldn't take it any more. Finally, the day came where I lost it. The image I was looking at was yet another boring picture of a dog. I sent off a rude and nasty message about pets needing a property release and shortly after that I was fired.

You see, it turns out the picture was not of a dog but the wife of of my boss at DT who also works on the side as a Contributor.


And thus my career as a DreamsTime Reviewer was over.

That leads me back to the subject of "Funny." There is a market for humorous images in stock but it seems to be a largely untapped subject overall in the database. Losing my job was not funny but I have to laugh at that "dog" picture.

So... what is "Funny?" That's up to you. :-)

Photo credits: Hermin Utomo, Karen Foley, Llareggub, Susan Leggett.

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Hi you should be a writer and not reviewer. You certainly cracked me up , whilst I was reading your article. You, certainly seem, to have come along way since your escapades with the letter E. The way you write and express yourself whilst using first class humour certainly indicates a higher grade than second....third perhaps!. Joking aside It's a great read and very inspiring. By the way , sometimes it really is hard to discern between members of our opposite sex and particular house pets, not allways in their appearance but certainly in their habit's......don't know why, but that last sentence makes me think nof my ex wife. PS I'm glad you told us that Wisconsin is in the USA....I never was good at geography....now USA, that does ring a bell, isn't that an island off the west coast of Scotland?


I don't believe a word of this, but it is funny![imgr]http://www.16059185[/imgr]


Man, you make me laugh every time, and laughter is the BEST therapy.

Plus you have plenty of humourous images in your port, mostly of you doing crazy things.

I suspect in your other life you are a writer or a comedian...


I love your posts. someone who truly knows humor. if ya can't laugh at your self you can not know real humor. but you can not enjoy life till you know true humor.
you seem to know that. have a great life!


Fantastic post. Good fun to read it. Thanks.


Great writing, great humour.... thanks for making me laugh! :O)


LOL....thanks for the laugh this morning.


I really enjoyed reading it :)


:)) That`s really funny! Thanks for sharing this, and maybe the people from DT will take into consideration your deepest desires :P


You do really have a sense of humour, and now that you are out, I can start submitting those tomato pictures I clicked.


LOL, DT should pay you for this laugh! :)))
Here is a useful click from me! :)))


So, you 're THAT reviewer who rejected my tomato using a cell phone,bc I needed a MR for the highly recognizable tomato. (update: I couldn't get the MR after your reject notice bc someone ate the tomato),
Also, the dude who rejected my black and white for color fringe,
and the one with the orange background bc of wrong WB .

LMAO,,, seriously, good blog , Congrats.


Great blog.... Thanks for sharing, very funny, you should be now DT official writter.


Nice and very funny blog :-) Bye, Francesca


Very funny, you're a talented writer!!!


Very funny. Thanks!


You have a great sense of humor! Thanks for giving us all a smile today.


Yeah! And I wish they'd quit sending my images to the Employee of the Week, and monitorless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And thanks for using my cute little softball player.


LOL... guess I was lucky. I've been reviewing for several years now and still don't have a monitor :P


You've got a great sense of humor!


Wisconsinart, you have a great gift for writing. Another great "funny" blog ;)


Yep, funny :D
I'll keep a close eye on all dogs from now on... :p


hahahahaha well written.... have to agree with the bit about how it must become mind numbing seeing thousands of similar images and trying to stay positive about them. Surely as a review your standards would keep increasing and therefore you would reject more and more as the levels of acceptable quality would keep increasing. Got to be a tough job...


I take it the whole piece is a joke.......... certainly I hope so. Its no joke when having spent two hours on an image its thrown out and then the same happens to the resubmission ! However to succeed in microstock one has to accept that Editors have their own point of view and usually stick to it ! There is a subjective element to assessing images and market potential. David.



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