What happened??


I am on DT now for about 7 months and all went well untill now.... I sold travelpictures nearly every day. But....one week ago sales stopped completely!!?? I really don't understand why.... Is there something wrong with my account on DT?


Photo credits: Edwardje.

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Me too ^^ I only got 2 sales in the past 4 days ^^


its December, most people are off for the holidays or preoccupied with the new year


Same here, not that I have many sales, but it feels more quite than usual, less views and no sale at all for a longer time than in the previous months. I attributed this to people being on holidays or busy downloading Christmas shots!


There are many traditions this time of year. One of them is slow sales.


Hi there! Actually I started my stock adventure just a day before you..! my sales are lower than yours.. so I guess you are good :) I upload a little more than you but I guess sometimes not the more stocky photos.. :) Check my blog to see my grow from April and maybe compare around all agencies!

merry xmas, sales will recover I bet..!


Still? I downloaded one just to be sure :) I've noticed quite a drop in the last few days as well - probably just people taking off for the holidays...


Hmm...well I can't say anything about your account, but maybe it's only bad luck...I had the same at another agency last year...for two months no DL at all...just keep on adding ur images and I am sure it'll continue soon. Especially Christmastime when designers and almost everybody is having their happy family time, images don't sell that well...
Good luck and Merry X-Mas

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