what happens to our photos once they are sold?

So...a little new question, I am sure all of us on DT wondered what happened to the sold photos ,what did they make out of them, are they going around somewhere as catalogue's pics , are they on a website ,they became some kind of cool design illustration?...so this want to be a suggestion to any downloader user buyer,kindly appreciated ,to understand what is going to happen to any of our picture that will sell or got sold.

It would be so cool if the buyer could let us photographers know with a little msg ,when ever they can or want what happened to our photos...

My ego needs it....i guess:))


Photo credits: Driveyourkitty.

Your article must be written in English



I'd love to see my photo somewhere on a book or a website .. I'm hoping :)) but also super chuffed when i get a sale :)


I am happy just to get the sale. :)


well i guess we will never know whats going to happen to our images...in someways is actually better ... occhio non vede cuore non duole that translates in something that sounds like : what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve:))p

keep it sharp :)



I had one buyer leave a comment, and found about 5 others online - one in an e-book.


Every now and then, I have had a buyer leave a comment. It doesn't happen often, but it's nice when it does.


Well the company I work for we download around 25 to 40 images in a day, but we really don't get time to leave a comment. Once I asked my senior why don't we leave a comment on the site, he asked me are you crazy? Leaving comment as per him has many dis advantages. First of all time is the main element.


Komar....uff....hopefully they will start:)) (u never know) :))

thanks dude:))


In Microstock, I've never had a buyer tell me how they have used my photos.


well on google couldnt find anything didnt know already about me or my nick, so no interesting findings for me there, i did try Tineye...that actually looks pretty cool ....no finding but i will try later in the future....thanks so much for suggestions as usual:))
I hope some buyers will ,eventualy let us know:))

I wish i was a hasselblad



Is not that hard to find! Google for your name or username both for webpages and images. You will find interesting results!


In Microstock, I've never had a buyer tell me how they have used my photos.


If you wanna test, where your pics might be, TinEYE might be the tool you'd like ;-) Will not find all pics, but maybe some of those used in Web. Give it a try.


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