What has DT done for you?

I have been a member of DT for over a year, but only in the last few months have i really been focused on taking stock orientated shots and building my portfolio on here.

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For me, I have learnt so much being a member on here. Any time I have asked for advice on the forums, there has been so many replies. Everyone seems ready and willing to help out! It's great!!

Also, it has definitely raised my photography standard, mostly due to refusals!! But i have learnt from all of them. It has made me more particular when I am taking a photo, framing it, looking at the lighting, if it has potential in the stock world etc...

It has also inspired me to pursue photography more, and I'm heading back to college in September to do a diploma in Photography, which I'm well excited about!

So THANK YOU DT and thank you fellow DT members for all your comments, and for the images of mine that have been downloaded, which encourages me to keep snapping!!

Just wondering, what has being a part of Dreamstime done for you?

Photo credits: Anatoly Tiplyashin, Adrian Gabriel Baciu.

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August 24, 2008


DT has given me great sample photos to use in my Photoshop templates. What an excellent group of photographers! Check me out at www.delmiaco.com

July 31, 2008


Kept me from going insane from boredom. Worked all my life, retirement is great for about 3 weeks. This is my new "fun" career.

July 30, 2008


Wow, - this sounds like a farewell message :o) , but i would agree with every word in it.
DT has been great to us last 4 months - it's mostly learning, learning through refusals, learning by seen photos from our fellow photographers ;o) Sertainly quite happy to be here.

July 30, 2008


your portfolio is great and i like it very much .
such as some [imgr]5718101[/imgr][imgr]5718092[/imgr]
very beautiful .
good luck!

July 28, 2008


DT has helped me in several ways.

It has definitely helped me look more closely at my photography. I still shoot off the hip a lot, but when I have time, or even better take the time, to work more slowly, I'm much more conscious of everything going on in the photo. That has in turn helped make a lot of the photographs I take that much better.

It's also created a revenue stream to help fund my passion. Gadgets and newer equipment don't make the photo, but it certainly helps to be able to slowly but surely expand the tools available to me.

Perhaps most importantly, by having been successful on DT, it has helped me start taking steps more quickly to actually start my photography business. While it's still in it's infancy, it's learning to crawl and hopefully we'll start walking soon:)

July 28, 2008


It has given me a great outlet for my pent-up, inner, artist! I can't draw, but I can write, so I now use my photos in books and am assured that the quality will be good in print.

July 28, 2008


Things dreamstime has done for me lately:

1. Taken my focus away from equipment. Surprisingly, it has caused me to just focus on taking more photos. It is pretty clear from looking at so many other great photos on DT that equipment isn't the limitation on getting a sellable shot.
2. Once I had kids I had a hard time getting any time for photography outside of family shots. Dreamstime (stock photography) has given me a way to get back into taking photos since literally anything is a potential shot. I don't have to make a trip into the mountains. Taking shots around the house was always an option, but actually being able to sell them makes it a lot more exciting.
3. Improving my photography. I'm starting to pay a lot of attention to what is behind my subject, the lighting, etc. in a much more serious way than I used to.

Thanks DT - and good luck with your diploma, Rebecca!

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