What I Bought With My First Dreamstime Earnings

I've already gotten paid a couple times now since I joined up in Draemstime back in May but at first did not have a clue what I wanted to get with the money I earned through sales. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided I really should buy my self a Monopod because the weight of my lens, body and flash has been starting to get really heavy for me when I am out taking photographs. For over 3 years now every thing has been hand held which has been fine for me but after getting the Nikon D300 I noticed the added weight and I am shakier with that extra weight.

I received the Monopod by UPS last night and I have started to try it out around the apartment to get use to the feel of it before I take it out on one of my photography outings. I have been quite pleased with the outcome so far and I am looking forward to taking it out on my next photography adventure. The monopod will be traveling with me when I head out to Florida next week which will give me lots of practice with it.

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I chose a monopod over a tripod because a lot of places lately that I have visited are starting to not allow tripods but monopods are fine for you to use. Plus I think the monopod will be easier for me especially when I am photographing the animals in the zoo since it takes less room then a tripod does.

Photo credits: Ijansempoi, Elena Yakusheva, Tomislav Birtic.

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Share with you. I have a Manfrotto and a dream. My dream is to buy a Nikon D300 or better 700. I hope to realise my dream soon.
Ciao Sandra


Share with you.


Yeah I normally try before buying but this time I went with the advise of others especially since my camera was starting to get too heavy for me and figured it was time. The real test of the monopod will be next week for me when I am photographing my nieces during their Karate competition.


oops I forgot to mention that. Yes I did get it. I am glad I got it cause I do a lot of landscape and portrait style shots and I can easily switch back and forth when I need to especially when it comes Zoo photos.


Thanks for sharing the info. Did you get a ball head as well?


A lot of people that I have read seem to like the Manfrotto brand and several said that they have had Manfrottos for several years and they hold up pretty good. From my readings I have seen people say they are the better end brand of monopods on the lower end of pricing. There is another brand that I forget what it is called that is recommended but it is in the +$300 range which is too much for me.


I went with this one: Manfrotto 681B Professional Aluminum Monopod (Black). It had better reviews then a lot of the others that was not too expensive and I had read other people that I have seen their photography before and use the same equipment as me say they like this particular monopod. I could not see myself spending several 100 Dollars on a monopod.


I want to get a monopod too. Would any of the ones on ebay worth consideration?


A superb choice! Enjoy! :)

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