What am i doing wrong?

I have a picture of a dog

I called it DOG i tagged with DOG, animal etc, but when i search for Dog on the browser...even Hot dog sausages come first.

Why is that? What do i need to change?

Photo credits: Yogiproductions.

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November 08, 2010


"sad black dog" brought it up on top of page 2 (80 items per page).... that's pretty darn good considering the immense amount of competition with this type of image search.

"sad black labrador" got it on page 1 of 1, .....don't forget "lab" and "labby" which are nicknames for the breed.

November 04, 2010


The Malni:
Thanks a lot for spending time with my pictures, and thanks for keeping in touch. I tried different things already, changed loads of tags, changed the description...But like you, i couldnt find my picture when i was searching.
thanks for your help, i will have a look again to see if i can rank it up, cause when i search for DOG or Black Dog and a sausage appears before my dog...its somethin gi did wrong.
Thanks again and have a good week
Best wishes for your sales

November 04, 2010


I got curious about your case with this beautiful image that strangely hasn't been sold yet.
So I've checked details of the image and have done my research. Using different combinations of key words that you put in the image, I was really struggling to find it among other images of dogs. But I did manage to find it after all, using - "gorgeous black dog floor" and it was on the page 1. But it was enough to remove word "gorgeous" and the image showed up on page 5. Trying with "unhappy retriever" showed 0 results. And even typing in the full description or "pet therapy" separately, didn't bring any results at all.
So in my opinion the problem is in the description (at least this is how my images seem to get high ranking). But I'm not an expert of any kind, rather still a newbie myself here, just decided to share with you my thoughts ;)

November 02, 2010


You need way more, and more specific, keywords. The breed of dog, the group of dog, singular and plural versions of applicable keywords.... and believe it or not, a lot of a higher ranking has to do with having some of these main keywords worked into the image description, not just the keywords. And what about the "floor"? Is it carpet, concrete, etc.? And the dog's expression brings more to mind than just sad, sweet or unhappy. How about cute, content, expectant? More good kw's = more exposure/sales!

November 02, 2010


All of those tips by Egomezta are good pointers ...it is a lovely picture of a dog so quality is not an issue for you ;-) the keywords for this image are absolutely fine & relevant to the image - just keep uploading & grow your port....good luck!

November 02, 2010


To get a better position of you images you have to have good word tags, good names for your images, images that attract buyers, participate more in DT, upload more images, become exclusive, write in the blogs, among many other things. I know it is hard and takes a lot of work to compete among millions of images.

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