What I Have Been Up To Lately

Some of you may have noticed I have not been around much lately and have not been uploading much the past several months. There is reasoning behind that. Since about November I had been having some problems with my foot that started to really hurt me to the point I had a hard time leaving the house or just driving any place to do photography. I had my good and my bad days. At first I thought it might have been hurting because my cats especially Oreo loves to sleep on my feet at night. In December I called the doctor's office up but they could not get me in for over a month. When they finally got me in they took some x-rays of my foot and saw that the foot was inflamed. I was given some medicine to help with the inflamed foot and was told to come back in a month. Well the meds made me constantly sick so I was pulled from them and was told to take Advil. I realized during the month before my next doctors visit my foot was actually popping every time I moved it. When I went back to the doctor they realized what was going on was I was having problem with my Tendons. I had an MRI done on my foot and they realized I had an extra muscle that was keeping my Tendons out of place. I was told I had to go in for surgery on my foot. This past week I had the surgery done on my foot. They removed the extra muscle and found out my Tendon was completely flat and was rolling over this extra muscle. Also the Tendon was inflamed so the doctor repaired the Tendon. For the next 2 weeks I am stuck in bed with my foot propped up and after the 2 weeks I still will have at least another month and a half to recover before I can go out and do photography again.

My husband did buy me Adobe Illustrator CS4 for my Mac so as soon as I start feeling better to the point that I can sit at my computer I will be starting to work on learning Illustrator. I already have several ideas that I want to do for some Illustrations. I'm really excited about the Illustrator.

At least I had my foot surgery done now instead of during the summer because my husband and I have several things we want to do during the summer. I want to go back to Yosemite since last summers trip was cut short do to my mom breaking her foot. I also want to go Horseback Riding in Big Sur and if I am healed up in time I want to go Whale Watching. All my plans involve photography.

I recently also did remove my Exclusive Photographer here on Dreamstime because I really enjoyed selling gifts in the past with my photographs on them and stopped when I became exclusive. I decided I wanted to do that again because many people have told me that they missed the items that I would sell and I really enjoyed knowing that people enjoyed those items that I created.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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Get well soon, Susan! Best wishes!


Thanks Marilyn. :) I wish I had a garden to shoot and had easy access to get to one. I live in an upstairs apartment and can not walk up and down the stairs which makes it so I can not leave the apartment.

Quick update: I went back to the doctors and I thought I was going to be fitted for an air boot but it turns out they put me back in a cast for 3 more weeks so my foot could heal more. Hopefully in about 3 weeks I will get the air boot so I can try to start walking again.


Hello Susan, Wishing you a speedy recovery! Perhaps if you need to keep off your foot -- but still have an urge to shoot something, set up in your garden on a chair, a tripod, and near some flowers to capture a few macro bug images! Best always, Marilyn



Quick update: I get the Stitches and the Cast taken off tomorrow but I will be fitted for a special Boot. I still will have to stay off my foot for the next month so hopefully I will be back to shooting photography in May.


I love your work and hope you get better soon. Best wishes :0)


thanks everyone for your well wishes :)


Wish you a prompt recovery! I really like your portfolio so I need to see more really soon :) Best wishes for everything!


I wish you a full and quick recovery !
I hope you'll be up on your feet ASAP, doing those wonderful things you've mentioned.
Good luck with the Illustrator as well :-)


Take care! I hope you recover fast.


Hope you feel better soon!
I hope to see your more works.


Hope you recover soon! That is no fun!


Keep a positive attitude and look after those feet, we ignore them until they hurt! I spent several months strapped up with tendon problems so I fully sympathise. Get well soon.


Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks Everyone! I'm taken it easy as possible at this moment. I go back on April 3rd for the stitches to come out and get put into a boot/cast.


Hope you feel better. From the description of the way you were treated by the medical establishment it is clear you live in the US.


hope you are feeling back to normal soon. looking forward to seeing your new creations with illustrator! Take Care - rebecca


Here is hoping you make a speedy recovery.


Hi, I am a big admirer of your work, please b careful with ur health, love to see more of ur work soon.

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