What I learned from my Mom ...

When I was a little child, my mom was always used to find a way to make me eat the things I refused :)

Breakfast egg was in the salad at lunch or rice I did not eat was in a soup at dinner and nothing wasted !

What I recommend you never delete your images which are refused by admins. Use them in your creations again and again.

Create frames from them , use as color schemes, copy and paste to fill in some illustrations, or even better , use them creating abstract backgrounds.

Re-use them again and again ! Do not waste your work.

Sure do not try to fake the admins either. I am sure everyone here understands the difference.

Here I am going to give you a few samples of my own. Hope you like them

Thanks for reading

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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March 09, 2010


Thanks so much for such a wonderful idea!

February 05, 2010


Really great idea!

February 04, 2010


great idea!

February 04, 2010


super duper idea - i've done that with a couple of my pics - will def try and find the time to research and learn photoshop better - i used to delete all pics i dont use or are not good enough - now before i delete them i'll see whether i could do something with them - thanks for the great tips :)

February 03, 2010


Oh my, I am still such a newbie I never thought about it. Finding new ways to eat what is refused! Thank you:) My head is thinking....

February 03, 2010


Excellent idea, I've done that sometimes but not enough... need more time!!!!

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