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I am still a learning photographer (I'm 14) and every time I take images, I learn something new. For a long time now, I have been focusing on getting my images exactly technically correct. What I have just realized is that I was missing out on great images, that look good but I could never sell.

On my camera, it doesn't handle high image sensitivity very well and for that reason I have never shot above iso 250. When looking through a friend's images that inspire me, I noticed how much noise was in the images. I only just noticed the noise because I had been focusing on the amazing composition. These were images taken at night at really high sensitivities because of the low light. After this I decided to try something new, I pumped up the sensitivity to iso equivalent 6400 and started shooting.

By doing this I had opened up a whole new world of imagery at night. I also noticed by using a high iso, the vibrancy of the images was much higher, putting a totally different feel to the whole thing. Check out the images I took on this inspired night here, also included are some images taken the morning after - - let me know what you think!

This technique can also be applied to other scenarios as well, not just low light. Next time you are shooting, I recommend just going for that great image, not making sure everything is perfect. In my experience it pays off!

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Photo credits: Anthony Furgison.

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keep up working!


keep on good work


the most of us are still learning photographers.


David, I thought that too! Until I did the math as well. Spectrum had me a little worried. I thought, "14 and he's already doing 10,000+ sales"? LOL. But all jokes aside, you are doing great, Spectrum. I have a 15-year-old son who I wish was as ingenuitive as you are! Keep up the good work!


That´s a great point! Thanks for the article!


Great site! Thanks for your tips!


Thanks heaps for the tip Lauriey. I have never heard of that before and I always correct my images in post so I will defiantly try it!


Great point!

Another thing to try out, if you can shoot in RAW, if you overexpose the image a tad (so it's a bit brighter, but not so over exposed you can't fix it in post processing) then adjust the exposure to proper after, you'll end up with less noise!


Well no, I'm not Rjmiz, I just chose an image that I think represents my article. One day though, I do hope to be that good!


I thought at first you are Rjmiz with a 1000 images online and 15000 sales..... then I worked out you would have had to start at age of 8 years !!!!! You are doing well. David.


The link should be working now, the server is a bit slow so please be patient. The images will load just beneath the large one on the page.


you learned a very valuable lesson; all photography isnt microstock photography and its a whole new beautiful world to explore. a world of spontaneity, natural light, some of the most amazing images i've seen are not technically perfect but grab that moment that simply cant be done at iso 100. have fun with your new freedom...let microstock fall into place where it fits. i wish i could see your shots, but the link isnt working for me.

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