What i was and what i got

Today for some reason i said to look through my portfolio and search to see what photos i've sold more and which not .But doesn't matter that to much because i saw something that i liked more ...i saw sold photos from each session shot i did till now and that thing make me happy.

Before stock i never did photos and today i know i am just a stock photographer ,i don't know if it is a good or bad thing but i can make a live from stock .

Friday i will have a new session shot,all session it is already planning on a paper,my models are ready or getting ready .At each session i have three or more themes ,one it is main subject and the others subjects are secondary .The main subject it is each time different and new ,new for me.

I use to work more with four,five of my models because they already know and understand what i wanna do,they already know whats mean stock and they are good on that.

So i have few advices from all new photographers that want to photograph people:

1) Plan you session shot on a paper very well and talk with the models before shooting about what are you planning to shot

2)Plan on paper what clothes you will use for models and what objects you need for them to have for session

3)Start to photograph with the important subject because later it is possible they to get tired or bored

4)Stay relaxed and have fun with models...makes jokes ,laugh because they will have a natural smile and will be relaxed in photos also.

5)Make little breaks all the time and let them to smoke or drink something

6)If you have new ideas during session shot and you must to change all what you planning before try only few ideas ...because you will lose all session if you not respect the plan.

Sometime i would like to be more artistic than commercial ,to have more editors' choice but i am proud of myself ,anyway because I know what started as a photographer was and where I got today even if my photos are simple.

Three years ago I would not have thought or imagined that today my pictures will be used in newspapers, magazines or websites.Last week i found two local newspapers with my photos in use and of course i make my models happy with those founds:)

And i would like to finish this article with a little advice for all of you ,try to promote your portfolio ...for example participate in the current Assignment each month....i never won the Assignment but i've sold a lot of Assignment photos

and i had a good exposure of my portfolio during contest.Or try to promote yourself by writing an article by time to time:)

Best regards

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

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July 13, 2013


Thank you very much!

July 13, 2013


Wow!!You have a beautiful and great portfolio!Great work!Congratulations you are very good!

October 23, 2012


Thank you very much!I not pay also my models,most of photos are with my wife,my brothers,family,friends....I pay only kids,even if they are family.

October 23, 2012


nice article Gabriel, you have a great portfolio. you understood pretty well the concept as I can see. I have one question: do you pay for models? i don't know how it is with that. I have asked someone he said that he pays not. What about u?

October 16, 2012


You are my muse, thank you!

November 30, 2011


Thank you very much:)

November 29, 2011


Good blog, Nice work !

November 29, 2011


Thank you,you got wonderful photos also!

November 29, 2011


Worthy of admiration! Wonderful pictures! Thanks to share!

November 25, 2011


Thank you Mailis for your comment,i really appreciate your words!

November 24, 2011


Hey, Gab! You are absolutely fantastic!!! Great portfolio and nothing simple in the boring sense. Your photos are clear and vivid. And models are wonderful. Keep on doing it the way you are doing! Greetings to your team!

November 23, 2011


Thank you for reading my blog Zenonk

November 22, 2011


Hehe good promotion ;)

November 18, 2011


Thank you very much Yuritz!Wish you the best!

November 18, 2011


Thanks for sharing your experience in the stock world and congratulations on your milestones and achivements!

November 17, 2011


Thank you Feng Hui :)

November 17, 2011


great story about you,keep up the work!it is very useful to plan work.

November 16, 2011


Thank you very much Arnd. Wish you the best and many sales!

November 15, 2011


carry on with your great work! always good to see that your continous effort does really pay back well for you, congrats!!

November 12, 2011


Thank you very much Calyx22 for your words!

November 11, 2011


Justmeyo, you've always been an inspiration to me. I think your portfolio is fantastic and I am frequently envious. :) You deserve your success; it's well earned.

November 10, 2011


Thank you Margaret:)

November 10, 2011


A good portfolio... well done :)

November 09, 2011


Yes they looks relaxed because drink a lot before shooting:))I joke,of course...Thank you very much for your words Carolyne

November 09, 2011


Your portfolio is excellent Gabriel! You've really got a talent for shooting people. Everyone looks relaxed and natural in your shots. Beautiful work! Good luck my friend :)

November 09, 2011


I am proud also to be your friend,Susan:)Thank you!

November 09, 2011


You've done really well, and I'm proud to know you!

November 09, 2011


Thank you very much for your message Ingrid:)

November 09, 2011


You have a great portfolio! I'm sure you'll be featured soon or later :)
you will be the next Yuri ;)

November 09, 2011


Thank you

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