What if. . . . . . . . . . .

What if things don’t happen as we expect it to happen?

There are many possibilities of things going weird when we least expect it.

© Leeser
What if you are traveling in an airplane and suddenly there is an emergency situation, but instead of the mandatory oxygen masks dropping down from above, you find telephones come dangling down ?

And from somewhere you hear a recorded voice “for emergency dial ……….”

Or you get up in the morning thinking of having a hot cup of tea while reading the morning paper and find that you have to actually trudge the thick snow to get to your newspaper placed in the mail box

Or someone asks you to accompany him to the beach and you go with the idea of spreading a towel and lying on the sandy beach, but when you get there you find that it is a beach no doubt but a rocky beach.

Or you go fishing with great expectations and finally get only one trout

Or things can turn out to be better than what you expect it to be, what they call as “customer delight”

Like you hailed for a rickshaw in the good old days (in Culcutta these hand pulled rickshaws still ply as seen on the right)

And to your delight a Bicycle Taxi appears before you !!

What if…..the bride is all ready to go to the church and she expects to step into a small cute little decorated car but to her delight a stretch limousine is waiting for her.

© Ru3apr

What if you are gazing at a lovely window

© Jackf
and all of a sudden the window opens and the Pope waves out at you.
© Cashcb

Or you are going to the barber shop expecting to sit in line for your turn, but to your delight all the chairs are empty and you can pick any one to have a nice haircut and a shave

The possibilities are endless and ah yes one more . . . . . .

what if you switch on your laptop, login into Dreamstime and give a fleeting glance to the right top corner expecting to see the usual two digit figure of $86.44 there but you suddenly see something like $186.44

Photo credits: Filippo Prono, Glenna Barlow, J0hnb0y, Iakov Filimonov, Janthonjackson, Jorgeinthewater, Lasse Kristensen, Nathan Kennedy, Peter Emmett, Valeriy Novikov, Saraizzo.

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That was great.... Keep 'em coming


Thanks all for the comments and appreciation. Very much appreciation. Don't worry Soye, if this ends we will come up with something else.
By the way all the pics that I use in my blogs are not mine but other DT members.
I just pick up what suits my story. It works both ways. They get good publicity for their pictures and my story looks interetsing :-)


Wished it would not end...


great blog,That was a good sell.Congrats


Great post!
Though, if the snow one came true where I live, it would truly be a miracle and would be in the editorial section :)

#edit# having said that, We did wake up one day to a red world, a massive wind storm picked up all the red dust from the outback and sprinkled it all over the east coast, red ocean, red sky, red air. (And too red for photos!)


What a wonderful article. Congratulations...The ending is so lovely! :)))


Great... What if, the possibilities are too many everyday...


I love happy endings!




Great article lol


stop it, stop it! the last one is too much for me!
congrats for this intelligent and original blog!


wooo hooo!! Like that last one!!!

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