What If Model Releases Are Not Possible? revisited

I have just read a blog entry from Bwendy3.

Here's my advice. Take a look at this photo:

Bergen, Unesco city.

I did two things here. First, while taking it, I waited for the man to turn around so as not to see his face.

Second, in PS: the people at the left are very small, yet, their faces were visible. I applied 'motion blur' on them, they seem to be moving and are not recognizable anymore.

Exactly the same operation on the people travelling down the ski slope here:


Photo credits: Sebastian Czapnik.
Sebastian Czapnik
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  • Sebcz
  • DarÅ‚owo, Poland
I got into photography as a teenager, I truly reminisce hours spent in a darkroom. But it was only when digital era started that I started to really enjoy shooting - the effects of your work seen immediately, comfortable and unlimited post-processing possibilities made things much more fun.

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September 15, 2007

Very good ideas!