What Images will sell in UAE this summer, Unofficial Assignment

Calling all International photographers,

here is a small tip what images people in UAE will be looking for this summer as there are some big events going on. One such event is Arabian Travel Market. Grab you gears and go out to and try to capture, Arabic people in Airport, in Train, in famous monuments, or any images with traditional arabic dress in foreign land will surely sell. This is not only the case in UAE, almost all middle east countries. as the summer will shoot 50 degree celsius people will look for cooler places and especially Europe and Far East. The image will sell more if the models are of Arabic Origin. Arabs holding foreign currency, think of this concept and the ideas will flow. Best of Luck

I searched the DT database and hardly I could find Arabic people holidaying in foreign countries. So calling all photographers from Europe, USA, Canada, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore to name few, even South Africa. Grab the opportunities and start uploading. (hire some traditional arabic attire and go ga ga)

Consider this as a mini assignment as there is really need of such images, there are plenty of local sites offering such images but most of them are right managed sites or either too expensive. (imagine one of my image in this local site is selling for 49 USD as royalty free, just the medium size)

Hope this tip will help you to get that much awaited sales. Travel Agents and Ad agencies are really looking for such image and due to recession most of them will come to cheap royalty free sites.

Below images will give some idea about Arabs.

Photo credits: Haider Y. Abdulla, Creativei.

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Very well-written, godo tips for who might have Arabic models. It is very nice image of the prime minister and the man in blue - the image is in two colors - white and blue. I like it! Good luck with these images!


Prekas, You don't need to come to Middle East to click picture we need picture of Middle Eastern people in other place than Middle East.


Too bad I am not flying to the midle east for work anymore. And when I did I had no time to take photos.

Good topic though.


Thanks for the heads up Creativei, will surely try and capture some of these types of images.

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