What kind of bag do you use?

No, not that sort of bag not that sort either

I mean which sort of camera bag do you use?

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A pouch or a shoulder bag

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Maybe you use a backpacksmall sized or large sized

or a half pack with your camera in the bottom and your lunch in the top

Or maybe you use a hard case for transporting your gear

Of course there is also the small individual cases in a pack option

Personally I have an offtrail 2 that I'm finding a bit small and I'm thinking of upsizing to a backpack for major trips with the offtrail and various pouches for short trips. I like taking wildlife photos so at some stage, when the cash allows, I will be investing in a big lens.

So, what kind of bag do you use and why?

What sort of equipment can you fit in your bag and what style of photography eg, sports, wildlife, landscapes, portraits etc does your bag suit?

I'm hoping that heaps of you will share with us your idea of the perfect bag for your style of photography and I hope that this blog will be of use to any of you that are thinking about buying another bag. After all, no matter which brand of camera we use we all share a need for a decent bag. Have a great day everyone !

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April 20, 2010


I don't use any of these hot looking camera bags. I guess it's out of habit from the hey days of my travels and freelance beginnings as a photo journalist. I was advised by my more experienced peers not to "look like you're spotting a pro equipment, so no pro looking camera bags". This way, it avoided those on the lookout to rob you or to prevent the busybody onlookers who will hang about waiting to be inside your editorial shot or whatnot.
So, nowadays, even when I am not working at that anymore, I still kept the habit of carrying my equipment in the least conspicuous bag. Of course, inside the bag is the proper padding and insulation needed to protect my equipment.

November 19, 2009


Lowepro dryzone backpack,100%waterproof guaranteed for life.

November 19, 2009


I have a Lowepro Fastpack 100 and amazingly it holds everything - D90, 18-105mm, 35mm and 70-300mm. I love that it is compact and fits tight on the back without much extra bulk. I just wear it all day when shooting and never worry about being without a lens or necessary item. It also has the convenience of the side panel that lets me take the camera out without taking off the pack. I ski and shoot and this makes it easy to do so.

October 05, 2009


I have a Lowepro - Fastpack 350

October 05, 2009


Hmm .. I have 3 choices :)
1. Camera is on my neck (after I have chosen the lenses for the subject)
2. I use backpack, where camera is in with all my other stuff.
3. It's hidden in my handbag and I bring it out as a hidden weapon and start shooting :)

October 05, 2009


it depends on what i am doing, for my daily carry around I carry my Tamrac 5546 which is a small backpack. For Shoots and on location work I use a Lowenpro Computrek since I can put my laptop and carry most of my lenses with me as long as i only use 1 body.

For major trips I use a hardcase with a GPS System and custom cutouts for all of my glass and extras and usually use my day bag with a single lens as my carry on incase I see anything i want to shoot in the airport and the GPS can be turned on remotely lose or open my case. Also the GPS system will transmit a notification any time that the case is opened, has a major impact (TSA has sticky fingers and they dont care about your equiptment)

October 05, 2009


I have a Vanguard that is a combination back pack and has wheels and an extendable handle. It is great for walks in the woods, on the beach, or trekking through airports, city streets, etc.

October 05, 2009


I use a Tamrak bag, Ultra Pro Series.

We all have to take care with back problems, so...

October 05, 2009


I have a lowepro back pack and a Canon pack,lowepro the brand is very popular in China.

October 05, 2009


I have the slingshot 300. It carries a lot of stuff. The only problem with it is ME. I have a shoulder and back problem that makes it uncomfortable after a long time in the woods. For shorter excursions I just use a well padded Jansport with a water bladder.

October 05, 2009


So you changed the blog contents, Well I'm watching this blog as I'm planing to buy one. I checked here in local store they are quite expensive. For now I'm using a makeshift backpack. My next pay check from DT and others will be used for this. :-))))

October 05, 2009


I use my pocket camera sock, wool lycra technology that keeps the cam warm! Thanks to it's texture that is easy to wash (No Hot Water) and fast to dry! As it has olympus brand written I never missed & tried it in my foot!
It has a capacity for a camera & a one or two money notes!

October 05, 2009


i use a lowepro back pack, hold my camera and a three lenses plus space for another one

October 05, 2009


I use a Lowepro shoulder bag capable of carrying two cameras and two or three lenses but its still not big enough to carry my 170 - 500 mm lens.
Getting a single bag big enough for everything is a problem. David.

October 05, 2009


I use a slingshot 200. I love the feature of slinging it around from my back and getting the cam out without removing the bag.
It's big enough to hold my D70 with 17-55 2.8 in it, with the suncap attached.
Spare room for a 70-300 and flash, and then some for future purchases:)))
Enough little pockets for lunch, cards, batteries, etc.
I love it (and bought me a nice red one;))


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