What kind of program do you use to enhance photos?


How many people on Dreanstime are using Photoshop to enhance photos? I know a lot of people do so, but for some reason I'm always hesitating to do so.

So if you do touch up your images, what kind of programs do you use?


Photo credits: Raymond Zachariasse.

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I like your word, enhance, it's a great way off putting it. Anyway, depending on your outlook (literally) a camera does not see exactly the same way as us humans do. How many times have you looked at your photos and thought "It didn't look quite like that when I took it?" I'm a very basic user and so editing helps to enhance photos from the camera, especially as I now shoot RAW and this can look slightly washed out before editing. Also, when shooting in JPEG (which I no longer do, honestly) the camera outputs an enhanced image of what the camera thinks is the best result, so those photos are technicaly edited, albeit in camera. Ultimately, it's your choice but for me, the photos look a whole lot better after a tweak here and there.

As for most people editing, according to the latest DT stats, there are 369,817 photographers registered, so 7 of us replying is a very small amount in comparison. Good luck, whichever way you decide to go.


So in short, most do enhance? I'm still wondering why it feels like cheating to me though. But I will give it a go :)


DXO Optics Elite, ON1 Effects, Noiseless CK, and Photoline. I do mostly sharpening, color enhancing, curves, noise reduction -- the basics.


Hi Rzachariasse, Photoshop 5.5 should be good enough for doing color correct, retouching and enhance photos. Now I am using Photoshop CS2. Not very new as well.


Affinity photo here.


Hi, I use Nikon raw converter and Photoscape.


Thanks. Hope you can read my reply, I was looking for an actual reply button :)
So I PS Elements and Photo Toolbox. I will check it out. I am using Photoshop 5.5 at the moment, but well it's a tad too old :) I can buy CC, but why waste older programs :)
I love to hear more suggestions


I use Photoshop elements 13. But if you are looking for a free and/or relatively inexpensive program, you might want to try this : http://www.photo-toolbox.com/product/photo-editor/


Love the first image Raymond! I just use PT photo editor free version, as I'm no expert on the editor, it serves the purpose I need it for.

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