What lens are you using

Do the lenses you're using equate to the quality of your pictures?or in the same context,does the camera you're using matter?

Personally i use a 30D and the Canon kit lens,a lens which some people won't even consider as their 1st lens.Before using the 30D

i had a 20D and i was using the 17-85IS then

I compared the pictures i had taken in the past with the 17-85 and now with the 18-55..to be honest,i cant tell the difference.I have only owned 1 L lens before and that was the 24-105IS L.That is a nice lens to have,no doubt bout that.But its too long at the wide end for cropped cameras so i sold it

Personally i feel that better lens may give you better sharpness and maybe colours but if you're not printing poster size pics,you probably cant tell the difference

IMHO composition and technique can never be compensated by using better lens.Any other kit lens users out there?

By the way,this was shot with the kit lens.It focuses rather close :)

Photo credits: Redsun81.

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September 27, 2007


Haha i can imagine what went through your head David~!
Yes i would get the 50mm to complement the kit lens for low light conditions too

September 27, 2007


My comments don't answer your question - just thought I'd relay something funny. I clicked on your picture of the mating butterflies. I then saw (down below) more pictures - but they were all about animals and insects mating. I thought, "Does this guy only take pictures of animals and insects mating? Strange!"

Then, I realized that I was looking not at your other pictures, but "similar pictures" in Dreamstime.

So - my mistake - sorry for the false conclusions. Hope you find it a bit amusing.

Nice pictures by the way. For what its worth, I used the Canon kit lens for quite a while. I can see advantages for my 50mm lens, but primarily in the fact that the 50mm lense offers a larger aperture - better for low-light conditions.

September 27, 2007


Well Buch a kit lens might not match those higher grade lens but i feel that its not that bad.Good pictures can be taken with the kit lens too :)
But thanks for your comment anyway :)

September 27, 2007


I think that a kit lens is bad. We need to buy good lens.

September 26, 2007


My thoughts exactly!

September 26, 2007


Cameras and lenses can make a difference. But, the camera does not make the photographer -- the photographer makes the camera. There is no point in having a good camera if you don't know how to utilize it. Also, a good photographer should be able to perform well with what others would consider a 'mediocre' piece of equipment.

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