What Makes You Angry?

Everyone is always looking for ideas to shoot so let's get emotional. What makes you angry? For me it's sometimes having to struggle to make a buck.

Other times I felt the bank was robbing me with overdraft charges or the government with taxes.

There are all kinds of concepts to shoot. And some can be very therapeutic. You can have models execute whatever moves you. For those looking for ideas, I hope this helps.

Photo credits: Thomas Johns.

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Thanks everyone! Leslie, one can always find a positive outlet for what could be negative emotions. Why not use them to make cash. I'm not getting rich, but at the same time I am finding a healthy outlet.


Aha so that's your secret to this brilliant work- things that make you mad. You found a good way to vent, I think.


Great photos. She can pick my pockets anytime.


Nice imagination & well done photos!
Good luck with them. Cheers :)

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