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I have a lot of refused files,it reason is "We are looking for images that exceed the technical quality and creativity",I did not know what is meaning!Who can tell me why!!!

Photo credits: Bo Li.

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October 15, 2010



September 07, 2010


Thanks everyone my friends! I hope I will make the more quality and more creativity, Then we will share them!

September 07, 2010


I agree with what has been written below: more quality and more creativity...

September 06, 2010


Me too!

September 06, 2010


I think this explanation is very similar with "Too much of the same". The subject is well-covered, but if you make it better of different than others, it may be accepted.

September 06, 2010


= they want better images
Many-many-many submitters receive such messages. Quality levels are rising on stock industry and it will continue until there are artists who are willing to provide super quality with micro prices. Everyone has to make their own choices. To adapt or to find more appropriate markets for their images. It's a game, it's a business, it's a personal choice.
Good luck with your images! They are good.

September 06, 2010


Yes it means to be creative & to get out of the box! It's annoying but it's true! Much competition these days... If you have any doubts about any meaning of refusal, it's better to contact the support! Cheers Joe ;)

September 06, 2010


I'm sure u are not the only one(there are hundreds that get this message)...the main idea is to challenge your self in finding new ideas and be as creative as u can be. I think all the stock photography sites have covered almost everything and its up to us to be well above the average of their quality...so be creative.
By the way, you have great images in your portfolio and keep up with new ideas and creativity.
All the best.

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