What a mess!

I am not alone having to deal with the rules of being exclusive. I am sure that some of us would of never become exclusive if we really actually knew that we have this huge internet site and public ban on all of our photography and artwork.

I am so happy with Dreamstime, I enjoy the people here and I learn, get inspiriation and have some laughs here and there.. but this really hurt alot of us.

Granted, if I was a professional photographer, had my own kick butt studio and tons of clients, this would not effect me or some others at all..

But what I do sell, is how I make my income. Here at dreamstime, at a craft show, prints and merchandise. This ban is stopping me from making a living.

2 ways to solve this:

1: suck it up and get working..... promote youself.. get yourself out there.. create you own online store with your own domain.

2: Compromise with Dreamstime TOS.. have them understand they are blocking your sources of income and have them really take upon consideration to change this statement in the TOS:

Exclusive contributors may, however, sell their other artwork on a photographer-to-client basis, under a work for hire contract, outside of this Agreement."

Thank you and that's my blog 2 cents. ;0)

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Photo credits: Vladimir Daragan, Treeoflife.

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September 08, 2008


Hey All,

Here is a response from DT I received when I asked about producing work for my day job/company to use:

Hello Lawrence,

Thank you for contacting Dreamstime.

Exclusivity contract means that you are not allowed wo sell your works through other similar means than
Dreamstime. You can have work for hire contracts and projects . If they do not demand exclusivity, you can sell your works on Dreamstime. You can also sell them pre-existent work provided they are unique clients and you do not sell the same works to other customers.

Let us know if there is anything else you need clarified.

As I understand the response, basically those of use who have chosen to be exclusive photographers cannot sell photos for stock purposes through other stock sites/agenciesincluding your own site, . On the other hand, it seems to leave the door open for contract situations - portrait work, commercial work, event work, as well as fine art/individual piece sales - photos, cards, invitations, etc. If I'm wrong, I guess DT will eventually let me know. However, at this point I'm looking forward to selling images for the first time next year at our local arts & crafts festival! If I get in trouble with DT for that, I will, however, ask what the advantage is of being exclusive besides the acceptance bonuses since I've read from admin that we receive no priority in searches.

At the moment I'm good with the exclusive stock photo process here because quite frankly, I don't have enough time to work on DT properly, never mind 2,3 12 more sites. Plus, I like the .20 bonuses for the photos that get accepted. If my photo business actually takes off, I may change my mind, but I'll be way outside the 6 month commitment window as outlined in the TOS. Besides, I'm still holding a grudge against a couple of the bigger microstock sites that turned me down initially:) Good luck to all.

August 28, 2008


i wanted to go exclusive to simplify my life and make my time for agency work more productive. i was at 9 agencies total. however the exclusive TOS will not work for me since these restrictions have been explained to me in the way they have.

I recently began selling my work in a store in our downtown area. because it goes through a store and i am not there all day to sell it, i am not allowed to do this and be exclusive.

doing work in my hometown and becoming more established in the community as an artist is something i have been striving for and i am enjoying and it is taking a good amount of my time.

my opportunity to design business cards and greeting cards is very enjoyable and since i am in on the ground floor at both places and have even larger portfolios than i have here, it is more profitable as well.

i have stated i will drop exclusive and i may not stay at DT in the end. i really like the fact that i can have control over my images in a more direct way.

i will be here at least 6 more months so time will tell if things change. i would really like to do all aspects of my art and do them well. however i want to be able to use my own images with freedom.

just to be ahead of those who might say...didn't you read the TOS before you started it, yes i did, and i contacted support. however , as it turns out there was a misunderstanding. these things happen, i am not mad as i said. just confused and i would like to see things expressed so that others do not lose precious time making the same decisions i did.

alice , you keep on working.. you create things faster than i can think... you inspire me :-)

August 28, 2008


You can sell your own work. On a client to client basis. Someone can hire you for an event, product shoot, etc. Like I said, that's what I do. My next planned shoot is coming up as soon as a local company gets all of the parts in for their new product. I've been hired to be the official photographer. =D The parts should be in in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited! I wish I could explain what it's for, but I don't think I'm supposed to yet...

August 28, 2008


Actually, I am cool with all this..
I am doing # 1:
suck it up and get working..... promote youself.. get yourself out there.. create you own online store with your own domain.

I, personally, put too much time into Dreamstime, and a long time to build up my portfoilo here.. and I am not going to ruin that.
I will follow the rules as they apply, and maybe hopefully they will slack up on the TOS for Exclusive Contributors not being able to sell their own work..
but until then.. I am working hard and "zenning out"


August 28, 2008


Why you guys do want to be exclusive? You definitely will earn more if you submit to many microstock sites. If this work brings your income, you need to submit as many sites as possible. If you are not exclusive here or anywhere else, you can do whatever you want with your images. You can keep some special images exclusive here, but you don't have to be exclusive photographer. Maybe I'm talking things you already have considered. Hope you all gonna be fine!

August 28, 2008


i am in the same boat with alice paddling around in the sea of TOS. i did not get the same go ahead to sell images apart from DT. even on images that were not part of my DT portfolio. i am hoping that part was a misunderstanding, though, because images that are not here in my portfolio should not have any restrictions on them.

none the less, as i said on the message board it all needs to be laid out word for word.

pretend we are a product on a shelf that in order to protect the company that produces it , says.... , do not use this electrical appliance in the shower or bath, do not eat this ointment or cream, do not spray in eyes, do not stick fingers in fan blade.

lay it out clearly, precisely, in language everyone no matter what their age, experience, native tongue, newbie or veteran can understand, covering all the do's and do nots. because there is a ton of misconception and misunderstanding about this. i am not alone, i know this for a fact.

i am in the 30 day period of dropping exclusive. DT and i are on good terms and there is no anger or hostility. just a lot of misunderstanding and confusion.

i am choosing to keep my POD work and local work and have the freedom to use my own images on products. as exclusive some one else would be able to buy my images and use them on a POD site, but i would not be able to. so that was the thing that made my decision for me.

August 28, 2008


Just because you cannot sell images as stock files does not mean that you cannot sell your services.
Me, I sell services on a part-time basis to individuals and companies needing someone to photograph something for them. I enjoy it. :)

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