What are my dreamsnews?

Ah .... August .... well, more than in August, here in northern Italy, sometimes seem to be in late September or October.

Oh, no complaints from me for that: the mild temperatures allow me to work better, so I can consider myself more than satisfied!

well well well, I got 609 pictures to share here on dreamstime and, although my desire to get to 1000 images at the end of the year, will probably remain a utopian dream, as the number of images begins to be interesting.

Here are a few last upload:

But the images uploaded are not the only news.

In order to make known to the buyers and still images on the site ignored, I started making such collection.

At present there are only 2

happy birthday greeting card


Halloween and gothic illustration

Of course you can advise me of the images to be included within these two collections!

The draft of my collections, as said, is to give space to new illustrations never downloaded, so all images with 0 download are welcome. As the pictures will gain notoriety, according to my thinking, they will be removed and replaced with other never used. I think it's a good idea, but we will see in the coming months. I will keep you informed.

For the rest? well, no big deal! Still no pictures sold this month, but summer is always so, at least for my portfolio;)

Now I run: I have three contests in Italy to settle, and also the line of my blogs for the autumn and winter (in my blog of recipes I'm also studying a series of recipes for Christmas, I think this will appeal)

Vacations?? What are vacations? ;)



Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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August 04, 2011



August 04, 2011


Thanks very much! ;)

August 04, 2011


thank you, my dear! I added it in my collection ;)

August 04, 2011


Great collections! Maybe you like the pic with the ID: 19694898 for the "Happy birthday greeting card" collection ???

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