What new cellphone or smartphone has GPS and WIFI internet?

I need a new phone - got Verizon, but would be willing to switch over to AT&T possibly. This is what I am having a hard time figuring out -

What I'm looking for is a phone that has GPS built in, with turn by turn navigation...but for free. No subscription required. Just like a tom tom or magellan unit. Also I'd like a built in wifi web browser, so I don't have to pay another data plan for that.

Is there a smartphone out there that does all of that? The iPhone does the wifi, and a few of the blackberries I think as well - but I'm not sure about the navigation part. The iphone 3G requires a data plan on AT&T, which is another $30 a month.

Do any of the tech gurus on here have any other suggestions?

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January 09, 2009


I ended up going with the Samsung i760 with verizon. Windows Mobile 6.1, slide out keyboard, and full touch screen. Awesome phone, I am having a lot of fun with it. No data charges, either! Verizon has a rule where it you get a phone that came out prior to Nov 14th, 2008 - you don't have to add the data plan. Every smart phone that came out past that date, and all Blackberries, the data plan is required. That means the bill will be a minimum of $70-80 per month. Mine is still the same $40 per month, since I am just using the built in wifi on my i760. I've got to tell you, this thing kicks the iPhone's butt. You can do way more with it.

October 23, 2008


I would recommend Nokia E66.


The navigation part will cost some at least here in Europe. You can use Nokia Map loader to use free maps in your phone but it wont work free with navigation.

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